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These are Links to Sites You May Find Interesting!
(just click on one and it will take you there)

moondancers Book of Shadows~~Index Page

The Wiccan/Pagan/Occulitide Top 100 Sites

Medea's Chariot

PTH photo album

Witch's Voice

Let The Truth Be Heard

The Celtic Connection

Lady Raven Storms Home Page

Goddess Info

God Info

Candle Colors for Spells

Moon Phases and Names

Elfmage's Links

Groovekeeper's Wicca Page

Catala's Resources

New Age Info's Resources Page

New Age Web Works Link Index

Whispered Prayers-Earth Spirtuality

Witchcraft and Pagan Websites Main Index

Celtic, Pagan and Wiccan Links

Pagan/Wiccan Links

This is for you Luna :)

This for anyone that might need it. I found that it comes in quite handy. Look it's open and ready to go!!

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