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May 24, 1999

Question: Mindysigma: HI Jordan! Happy Belated Birthday! I was just wondering who influenced you most musically? Thanks! Love ya!
EA JordanK: The Beatles
Question: Wildfruit asks: Do you still keep in touch with Joey Mcyntire, your old Kid on the block bud?
JordanK: I seen him just last night.
Question: SaraCopitz asks: Do you ever wish you were not famous so you could have a private and normal life like a normal person?
JordanK: Every once in a while. Not too often.
Question: LuvTyrese3 asks: How does it feel to be making new records solo.... would you rather be in a group?
EA JordanK: It feels great doing it solo. I like it much better doing it solo.
Question: Juniper523:Hey Jordan!!! This is Amanda from Flint, MI. I was just wondering how long you wanted to stay in the music business. Do you think you'll ever do any acting?
EA JordanK: I might dabble into some acting, but I'd rather not spread myself too thin because I love music so much.
Question: JustnKrzy:Will you Marry me Jordan? Just Kidding. =) (Unless you want to) Youve been my fave NKOTB member and you still are, How does it feel to be back?
EA JordanK: It feels really, really good because a lot of the same fans that were fans then are fans now and it feels like I've never left the spotlight.
Question: Kinda3: what took you so long?
EA JordanK: Well, I really felt that I didn't have any rush, really, to do the record and I just wanted to take my own time and make sure that the people that I was working with that I liked working with them and also that all the records I did were records that I really, really liked.
Question: IRS510 asks: When you returned to the music business did you find it harder than the first time around with the New Kids?
JordanK: I would say I found it harder.
Question: Va.Jordan, who did you work with to produce the Album?
EA JordanK: Robin Thicke, who is a young musician from Los Angeles, California. And Jimmy Jam, who's a veteran music producer and produces Janet Jackson.
Question: *Jamie89796: my daughter was just dignosed with cancer she's only three but she loves your new song i was just wondering if you would say hi to her she'd love that her name is Brittany Vance.
JordanK: Hi Brittany! Get better soon! Be strong.
Question: DANIMILO: Jordan, what's the craziest or scariest thing a fan has ever done to get your attention or try to meet you?
JordanK: One girl tried to play Kamikaze in front of one of our buses. She wouldn't move and she just wanted to let the bus hit her.
Music1: did you hit her?
EA JordanK: Yeah, but at a very, very low speed. She was just fine. She actually did damage to our bus! LOL ;)
Question: Mindysigma: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one thing would you take and why? Love ya' J!
JordanK: A cruise ship! And that's self-explanatory!
Question: RissaB17: Boxers or briefs?
JordanK: I don't know the difference.
Question: Hey Jordan! What is your favorite song on the new album and what can fans expect at your upcoming shows?? Love you!
JordanK: I guess they can expect a lot of energetic dancing. And, as far as my favorite song, I like all the songs because they're all special and they all bring out different emotions. They all got something special, I think.
Question: FREDDAE: Do you have another album planned fo the future?
EA JordanK: Yes. Give it a little time, buddy...but I definitely plan on doing more and more records.
Question: Angell1993: What would you tell someone that is trying to break into the business at any level?
JordanK: Never quit!
Question: TIGGER 647: does it ever bother you that some people just know you as "the ex-new kid" without knowing what your new sound is about? Ps. Love the music
JordanK: No, because there aren't many people who really think of me to that extreme.
Question: ASweet18f: If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
JordanK: I'd definitely do a lot of peepin' tomin' I would try to go to a lot of places where there would be people talking about me so I could just listen in. And that's about it.
JordanK: My whole life!
Question: CDN2wenz: Is there any other TV appearances for you in the near future? We will be rooting you on while you are on REGIS AND KATHY LEE tomorrow! Leslie and Laura from TORONTO
JordanK: Total Request Live tomorrow on MTV!
Question: Sebchick: hi jordan...How does it feel to have a song that is listened to all around the world, and it's only about sex?
Music1: that was the q asked folks
JordanK: It feels wonderful. Freedom of speech.
Question: Dalidaaaa: Whats your philosophy of life?
JordanK: You only live once and you do'nt really know it because you get caught up in every day activities, but if you walk around knowing you only have one time on this planet, you'll make a whole lot more of it.
Question: *The1Kristy: Why are all the lyrics to the songs on your new album so sad?
JordanK: I don't know. LOL I guess that's just what came out, really. It came out.
Question: Italregina: I love "Give it to you" when is your CD coming out?
JordanK: The CD is coming out tomorrow.
JordanK: Please buy five of them! ;) You're going to love it.
Question: *Lamb801L: Jordan, you were my favorite New Kid... how does it feel to be back on the charts?
EA JordanK: It feels great that now that I see my name on the charts because the past few years I've been looking at everyone else's names on there and finally I can see my name on there.
Question: Dirkman: what do you think of Ricky martin?
JordanK: I think he's really, really cool. Really cool, great performer and I love his single, La Vida Loca
Question: GlenEchoes: Hi. I know you probably get asked this a lot but do you and the rest of the New Kids doing a reunion? Thanks :)
JordanK: No. Question: Wallflow14: What influences your writing the most?
JordanK: Robin Thicke, ha ha ha
Question: Sable1109:are you dating anyone?
JordanK: No.
Question: Sunstar524: hey do u ever plan to go on tour?
JordanK: Yes, I'm on tour right now doing a radio tour. And in the summer I'll be touring with 'N SYNC
Question: YaNkS90685: i can't wait to get your CD. I pre-ordered it and i am going to see you in concert. I can't wait!
JordanK: Thanks a lot!
Question: MSn1075796: did you find this album a more personal experience now that you're writing songs?
JordanK: Yes, much more.
Question: *DStarsGirl: I was wondering if you had any re-mixes out for "Give It To You" that I could have the deejays mix at our local clubs here in Dallas?
JordanK: Yes, there's a thing called the maxi single that has like three or four remixes on it
Question: *JenniP5107: what do you think of the new boy groups out there?
JordanK: There's a lot of 'em And they all sing harmonies a lot better than the New Kids sure did. LOL
Question: Srsambo: what cities will you be in when on tour this summer?
JordanK: Go to and there is a list of all the cities.
Question: ElviraTBS: Jordan, are you going to be performing on your London promo tour?
JordanK: Yes, I will be performing.
JordanK: Yeah, it's all in the way you look at it, I guess. You can pretty much make anything that you really like to doworth it.
Question: Checkarama: How does it feel to soon to be touring with N'SYNC?Will it bring back any memories from New Kids On The Block?
JordanK: Probably, when I look out into the crowd and see all the signs and everything else, yeah.
Question: Marinze76: If you weren't in the business what would you be doing today??
JordanK: Something that wasn't 9 to 5 job, that's for sure.
Question: RickyC74: hey jordon, ricky here from chicago. just wanted to compliment you on your awesome dance moves. it really makes the video kick
JordanK: Thank you!
Question: Funda: what are you doing for Father's Day?
JordanK: Nothing. I'm not yet a father and I'll be on tour. Question: *Fabianita: JE VOUS AME JORDAN.DO YOU KNOW FRENCH????
JordanK: I took French in eighth grade and can't remember anything.
Question: CYoung5654: hi jordan ,what is your favorite song from your new album
JordanK: I like all the songs on the album. I like all the songs for different reasons.
Question: Jferwade: Where do you live now?
JordanK: I live in Boston. Actually, I live out of a suitcase.
Question: *DMa1028740: Are any of the songs are on your album about anything that has happend in your life
JordanK: Sure. Yes, most of the songs and then on some of the songs you just kind of imagine.
Question: Bam2Knight: Jordan- Do you remember any of your fans in particular, since you meet so many?
JordanK: Every so often I do see a fan that I've seen before and I recognize them.
4kQuestion: how hard is it writing so many songs?
JordanK: Sometimes they come easy and sometimes they come very hard.
EAMusic1: how long did it take to write this record?
JordanK: To put it all together, it took about a year and a half.
Question: Magalini: Do you find it hard being a role model to people today?
JordanK: No, not really. I don't really look at myself as a role model. And I just am the way I am and if people want to look up to me, they do. By no means do I like to give a negative image either.
Question: evser4: Do you talk to your fans online?
JordanK: but it's not that difficult Obviously...LOL
Question: KWil417964: Jordan, I just wanted to ask if you are really, truly happy, cause I love to see your smiling face. :)
JordanK: I am truly happy. Yet, of course, I am also human and I do have my days where I can be grumpy.
Question: Fyfforama: How do you think being famous has changed your life?
JordanK: It's kind of opened me out of my shell, I would say. It's opened my eyes to the rest of the world. It's been a great learning experience.
JordanK: It was at a roller skating rink when I was about 12.
Question: Juniper523: hey Jordan... i've often heard you have an AOL account... is that true?
JordanK: Oh, yeah, that's very true.
Question: Chickey025: How is your music now different from that of being a new kid?
JordanK: I would say that it's just a lot more of me, I guess. The lyrics are definitely a lot deeper and the music is a lot more diverse.
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