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The Elevator
Rigaal Nook and the Castle Necril

A thick bound book with arcane writing on its pages covered a stone pedestal that stood in front of the elevator door on the 7th floor. A quill sat in a bottle of undisturbed ink that hadn't been touched in probably many millenia. It would probably stay a liquid for all of eternity. An old and decrepit piece of cloth was bolted onto the wall overlooking the pedestal. It read in beaming yellow letters:

For some reason you feel quite compelled to sign such a book. You see it before you.

When you complete your signing of the tome, you decide that it is possible to make out some of the writing that is present on the old decripit pages. Curiosity sets in as to whom may have visited here. You begin to read.

When you finished with the book your attention was turned to the rest of the room. The chamber opened up quite enough to where the wizard's laboratory could fit in it. There were no windows and the ceiling stretched far into the air. Cobwebs littered nothing here but there seemed to be cracks in the walls here and there an occasional hole opened up where a few rats skittered in and out of the room.

The large display of lab equipment was perplexing. Thin tubes of glass ran with strange concoctions and filtered through the body parts of creatures probably never known to have existed. The smell alone told of the ends of the planes that these creatures came from and also of their collectors.

The floor was expensive tile that held numerous sigils and other arcane lettering. There seemed to be an endless display of realms from the Abyss that dotted the tiles. Other planes were mentioned as well, mostly of the lower planes and Sigil.

All of a sudden, something caught your eye. Not as much a light, but more the absence of one. The Master of the Castle was directly across from you, conversing with what seemed to be a rather old and extremely dead zombie. Their words were not heard by you or more than likely any other.

The Master's head swiveled in your direction, as did the zombie's, and so was a command..."Be nice." The zombie had a disappointed look on his face but sullenly skulked off in your direction, passed by with the smell of his master and right into the elevator (of course the elevator had already left on an errand to aid another of the patrons of Castle Necril and so could not take the zombie to his destination, but this didn't seem to affect the zombie's decision to step into the place the elevator should have been).

Loud thumbs and crunches could be heard from the elevator shaft as close as you were so instinctively you stepped forward away from the horrifing sounds and into the faded light of the laboratory.

The Master spoke,"Please be welcome here, you may inspect all that you see, since that is the reason you have come to this place." He paused for a moment and then continued,"But be wary the occupants of this Castle are not all under my control. The 6th floor door may not be opened by mortal hands since Avon Dezna does not wish it so. The shadows would probably love to gamble with you on the 5th and the zombies to dance on the 2nd, but don't dance to long," he let out a small chuckle and waved his arm out in a welcoming gesture.

Since starting out for what you came for seemed like a good idea at this point that's what you began to do. Stepping slowly at first, wary of the symbols littering the tile and then gaining confidence that a fireball spell really wasn't going to go off under your feet, you began at a much quicker pace. Ready to leave this God forsaken place.

"Oh yes," he began again. "Do not miss the basement, it has all the goodies." He let out a sardonic smile that led to hideous laughter not soon after.

To the Library (6th floor)
To the Laboratory (7th floor)

Just before the Master of the castle disappears from view of the darkened corridor at the edge of your sight, he pauses then turns to face you. "Ahh, yes. I have forgotten. My servants will take messages from you that are for me and all you have to do is touch this revolving sigil and it will be sent to me." He points to the center of the room and with a twitch of his mouth and forefinger a soft velvet colored symbol raises from the pages of an open tome. It hung there about a handspan above the table revolving.

You are the patron to get this far.