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Dungeons and Dragons and My Domain of Dread
Welcome to the Castle of Necril

As you step off of your spelljammer and onto the soup of Limbo your feet are welcomed by a solidness not found here...most of the time. You see, looming before you, a tall and rather bulky spire that becomes more and more thick as it rises into the atmosphere of Limbo.

As if the dreary place has read your innermost thoughts, a swirling haze surrounds you and a dark cloaked mist encircles you. It slowly solidifies and a small gaunt tiefling steps out and raises his hand that is blanketed with small wiry viens.

"Please, enter," he said with a slight rasp to his voice. "Here is the key to the front gate but remember to only enter the elevator and come directly to the 7th floor or you may suffer from the Vortex spiders that dwell here. But alas, I do not control their feeding habits."

"Um...ugh..." you slither out. It is the best you can reply at the moment since you are choking on the sweet smell of death that the creature is emitting quite strongly. As the being swings to leave you, you spy a small emblem on his right shoulder of the outer cloak he is garbed in. You see it is the emblem of the Dustmen. Shivers run down your spine and you clench your fists only to find a small silver key in them.

You are the patron to embark on this part of the fiendish journey.