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Heavenly Father please answer me,
if you are up there somewhere.
I know you are busy but please listen,
to this sad gangster's prayer.
God bless my Mother who cries every night,
worried that I may be killed,
in yet another gang fight.
God bless my son who is
still too young to know.
Why daddy can't take him to the park,
Because that's where a rival gang goes.
God bless my girlfriend who one day,
might have to visit me behind bars,
or even at my grave.
Please dear lord tell me is it too late,
can I still be saved?
I've done some bad things in the past,
that to you I must confess.
Please forgive me lord i'm sorry,
from now on i promise to do my best.
Take me away from the temptation
of money, power, and sex.
Away from all the grafitti, & guns, & drugs,
and gang tattoos on hands and necks.
I want to start over clean and fresh,
take myself & my family far away.
From constant police harrasment, & gang
confrontation, I have to deal with day to day.
Heavenly father please give me,
strength & courage to get away from here.
Thank you for listening to this
Sad Gangster's Prayer

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