**General Narration Until Otherwise Noted**

"Never knew what love was, until you loved me, never knew what love was, oh yeah..." Scott sang softer than usual, strumming the chords on his guitar half a second too late.

"Stop, stop, stop!" Clint yelled, throwing his hands into the air. "Scott, what is wrong with you, man!?"

"Never knew what love was...What!?" Scott's pick dropped to the floor and bounced off the make shift stage in their basement.

"What, Clint!? WHAT!?" He screamed, losing control of his temper.

"WHAT!?" Clint yelled, his voice full of exasperation. "You were totally off beat, and your voice sounded like a baby kitten dying!"

"Yeah, what's your problem?" Bob asked, leaning forward against his elbows to rest his face in his gloved hands.

"Nothing." Scott sighed, removing his strap and setting his guitar against the amp. "I'm taking a break."

"A break!? You can't be serious. That was the first song and we didn't even make it the whole way through!" Clint yelled.

"Give him a break." Dave intervened.

"Fine," Clint sighed, "But when we suck don't blame me!" He removed his guitar and left the room, slamming the door behind him. The other three stood there not making eye contact. Finally Bob tossed his drumsticks aside and left too, leaving Scott and Dave with themselves. It was obvious that Dave knew what the problem is, and if Scott didn't want to tell Bob, that was his problem. Inside though, it hurt Bob's feelings.

"I know you're worried, Scott, but you can't let it get in the way of practice. Music first, remember?" Dave reminded his older brother.

"Of course I remember." Scott said, stepping down to retrieve his guitar pick. "But I can't help it. I mean, she's our friend right?"


"So I can't help but be so freaked. It seemed to be serious."

"Why don't you give Gwen some time. If she wants you to know then she'll tell you. Other wise, you shouldn't butt into it. It might upset her if you pry and find out and she doesn't want you to know." Dave offered. Scott nodded and gave his brother a smile. He wasn't into the mushy brotherly love, but Dave knew that the smile meant thank you. It was unmistakable. He turned his keyboard off and went out the back door, the older Moffatt going out the side.

Scott Moffatt stood outside Gwendolyn's front door, waiting for someone to answer his knock. It had taken ten minutes of mentally arguing with himself before he decided to come and not call. Now, here he was, sweaty palms and all.

"Hi, come on in." Kirstyn greeted him politely, stepping aside for him to enter.

"Miss Carter is upstairs." "Well, actually, I was hoping to talk with you first." Scott told her hesitantly, not knowing if he should ask.

"Oh, well, sure." Kirstyn smiled. "I could use a break before I was the supper dishes."

"Well.. is.. I mean, will,.. is Gwen alright?" Scott stammered, shoving his hands in his pockets nervously. He didn't want to butt in after the advice he'd gotten from Dave. This nurse knew that it was wrong to give out personal information concerning her patients, but she had a feeling that this was okay. She could tell by the body language and sincerity in his voice that Scott was genuinely worried.

"Sometimes she's fine. Other times she's very weak and faints a lot. Vomits up blood. For years she's been taking pills, getting shots once a month, and that was working well. But now she needs shots every other day. That's why I'm here." Scott felt his jaw drop. He hadn't known Gwen for long, but he knew that she was a great person and it hurt to know this was happening to her.

"Is it serious?" He asked quietly. When the middle aged woman nodded, his heart dropped, "is she going to die?"

"We're all going to die, son. But yes, this will eventually take her. She has a good ten years ahead of her though. So don't worry yourself too much."

"I think I'll go see her now." He made his way up the stairs and to the last door on the right. Knocking softly he waited, listening to shuffling around in the room, and finally a soft

"Come in."

"Jail Bird." Gwendolyn smiled, "I hope you know I'm armed."

"Hey there Super Woman." Scott replied happily, glad to see that she seemed to alright.

"Is Kirstyn The Evil Nurse gone yet?"

"Come on, she's not that bad."

"Yeah right!" exclaimed Gwendolyn. "She tried to force feed me and then she threatened to call my mom."

"Why weren't you eating in the first place?" Scott questioned.

"Because I don't feel very good. And I especially didn't feel like eating Seaweed casserole." Gwennie cringed, her nose winkling up.

"What do you say we get you some real food? Get dressed, " Scott grabbed her hand and pulled her from the bed. "and meet me out front as soon as you're ready."