That evening around five I returned home for dinner around 5 o'clock. Bob had taken the news with surprise, but seemed to be glad that I told him. I knew it would be meaningful for him to know that if anyone, I don't ignore him.

"Kirstyn, have you seen my army cargo pants?" I asked, walking into the kitchen where she was baking something.

"WHAT is that smell?!"

"They're in the laundry room hang drying. Energy bars. You'll love them!" She said excitedly, testing their done-ness with a tooth pick. I made a face and went to the laundry room in search of my pants. I finally found them and retreated back up the stairs to my room. I was going out with Clint and Scott at seven, so in order to have time to relax after dinner, I needed to start getting ready before hand. After searching through my clothes and all of Bren's, I decided to wear army green cargo flared cargo pants with a gray t-shirt saying "SUGAR" on the front in the same green color. It had cooled off and drizzled a lot that afternoon, so I wanted to make sure I was warm and comfy.

".. until you love me, never knew what love was, oh yeah. 'cause it feels so good some times. And it feel so bad sometimes.. the way you loved me, love me,. la la la la the way you loved me-"

"Shut up." I said, flipping the radio off and my cd on.

"Number two." I said outloud, setting the stereo on "Where's The Love" from my Hanson, "Live From Albertane" cd. I got dressed and picked out a pair of black Doc Martens to complete the outfit. As I was re-braiding my hair, the phone rang. I had to drop my right braid to answer it, which ruined my work, but it was worth it once I found out who it was.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Gwennie!" My best friend squealed on the other end.

"Becca!" I exclaimed, so happy to hear her voice. "I'm so glad you called! I need to ask you a favor!"

"If you're going to request that I slap Kirk, don't." She insisted.

"But whyyyyy?" I whined, "Beccccaaa.."

"Because I already did!" She laughed.

"No way!?"

"Yes! It got around what happened and I just went up to him and smacked him right straight across the face!" She giggled. I couldn't believe it. My best friend, Becca-Lynn Davis wasn't like that. She hadn't even raised her voice in a cruel way to anyone in the ten years that I had known her. She was like a little mouse that just floated around all the time. I was proud of her, to say the least.

"Oh, and another thing," she continued, "I heard who your neighbors are and I'm so jealous!"

"They aren't that hot, Bec." I laughed. "I mean, sure they're hot but not like freak out hot. I'm going to the mall with Scott and Clint tonight. Or to a movie or something. We're not sure yet-"

I was cut off by the call waiting beep.

"I have a beep." I told her, expecting that she'd want to hang up. We said our goodbyes and I clicked over.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello, this is Moffatt's dating service. We are afraid there has been somewhat of a complication." Scott said, in a mock professional voice.

"Don't tell me you can't make it?!" I said desperately afraid that was the problem.

"Well, I can. But Clint can't because he got grounded." Scott explained.

"Aw man." I whined. "I'll still take you out if you want."

"If I want? Of course I want you...to!" I said, thinking he was nuts for doubting that.

"Well, I wasn't.. um.. Since you.. I didn't know if that would be alright. I mean, with you, being.. uh, having a boyfriend..and, and all." He stammered.

"Oh you mean Kirk? He's history." I laughed. "So anyways, don't skip out on our date just because Clint can't make it. I mean, as long as you still want to come."

"I'll be there at 7 o'clock so be ready!" He said.

"Oh, and dress in just regular clothes."

"I'm wearing cargo's and a shirt, is that okay?"

"Perfect! I think you're going to like where I take you." He trailed off.

"I hope so, or else I might have to run away with a random guy on the street." I joked.

"No, trust me, you won't be doing that." He assured me. "You're going to love it."

As we hung up I felt a huge grin spread across my face.

The End