“Plastic forks?”

“Assorted colors.”

“Plastic cones?”

“All sizes.”


“Also in different colors”


“7 dozen.”

“Burger King crowns?”




“Last but no least, toilet paper?”

“7 economy size packs”

“This is going to be so cool!,” Adélie exclaimed clutching a clipboard and falling into the beanbag she had set up in the garage. Erin was standing up going over a mental list again. They were prepared. It had been a week since the guys had hit their house. Erin wanted to strike back the next night, but Adélie, being the expert of trashing houses, had told her that they would be waiting. Their parents had taken a ferry to Seattle for the night to visit Adélie and Erin’s Aunt Alice and Uncle George, so they didn’t need worry that they would come in and spoil the plans. Both Adélie and Erin had walk-in closets and were able to store everything they had gotten. And it was a lot. They managed to bring it all down to the garage and were ready to load it into Adélie’s Passat.

“I know! Do you have your camera? I want to take pictures and send them to everyone at home,” Erin questioned as she began shoving the street cones into the trunk. They would take up all the room back there by themselves.

“Of course! This is going to be so much better than Jenny’s house! I’m so excited!, Adélie squealed loading the Handi-wrap boxes into the floor in the backseat. On top was a small cigar box full of scissors they had bought for 50 cents each at the drug store. Next she threw in the different boxes of forks, topping them off with 7 huge packs of toilet paper. Next to them was a small box full of 4 cartons of eggs. Adélie and Erin spent the next 7 minutes putting together the Burger King crowns and stacking them neatly on top of the eggs. Erin ran into the house and grabbed a sheet and ran back out into the garage. They covered the back seat as they heard the clock inside strike 10. Climbing the car, Adélie started it.

“McDonalds?,” she asked turning to Erin.

“Yeah!,” she exclaimed, with a smile. As they pulled out of the garage and headed down the street, they turned up the radio and rolled down the windows. Those boys had no idea who they were messing with.

While they were eating, Adélie had looked up the Moffatt’s address in the phone book. Both her and Erin had laughed at the idea that they listed stars address in the phone book. Either way, it helped them out. The Moffatt’s house was on top of a hill that looked over the small valley. They were both thankful for that because they then were able to cut the engine and coast, making no noise at all. They stopped next door and put the car in park behind a tall hedge. Quietly the crept out of the car. Adélie made sure her door was open and her keys were in the ignition, ready to go. They started by opening the back doors and putting the crowns together. Making small stacks along the law, Adélie ran back to the car to grab the eggs. Two cartons she gave to Erin and she took the other two and headed for Scott’s car. Adélie had always wanted a Jeep. But the only problem with them, was it was real easy for people to get into them. His Jeep was parked under a make shift tarp overhang on the far side of the driveway. Sneaking around the side, Adélie reached inside the flap of a window and unlocked the car. Scott had put seat covers over his seats, something she had noticed the day they got tee-peed. She set the cartons on the floor and felt under the seat for the cover strings, finding them she slipped them off and pulled the seat cover off. Taking out the eggs, she set them on the seat. Smiling slyly to herself, she pulled the cover back over. Shutting the door quietly, she crept around the car and into the driveway. Erin had done a lot. Adélie could see the eggs she had set up under the welcome mat, she was working on the huge tree in front, toilet rolls littering the surrounding area. Adélie ran to the car and grabbed the box of scissors and some handi-wrap. Running over to the dark blue Saturn in the driveway, she began to wrap the car. Every so often she put in a pair of scissors, just enough to make them try to get it, but they can’t. It took her a good hour to do that. When she emerged from behind it, she noticed Erin had successfully covered the lawn and rosebushes, as well as finishing the tree. Adélie smiled to herself and went to the car to get the finishing touches. Strategically, Erin and Adélie placed the cones around the yard and hung the crowns from everywhere they could. Opening the packages of forks, the found room in low parts of the caked lawn to stab them into the ground. After finishing, Erin and Adélie stood back to admire their work.

“Oh! I almost forgot!,” Adélie exclaimed and ran back to her car. Reaching in she grabbed her camera and ran back over to Erin. They took a couple of pictures and retreated back to the car. Erin slipped out a piece of chalk and ran back. On the sidewalk in front of their house she wrote in big letters: “TEACHES YOU TO MESS WITH US!!”

Smiling she walked back to the car and got in. They both laughed over the house and Adélie started the car. As they pulled away from the curb, Adélie laid on the horn to let everyone know that they had conquered.