"Here is the list, and here is the ATM card. Be back in an hour," Mrs. Watson explained handing her older daughter Adélie the list and money.

"Whatever," Adélie mumbled taking them. She grabbed her coat and walked out the door. Victoria, B.C. was a lot colder than L.A. The skies were much clearer and you could actually see. Tightening her jacket, she got into her dark blue VW Passat. Starting the engine she backed out of the driveway and down her dull quiet street. There were no kids on it. Just old people. It had been a week since they had moved in. Her father tried to get her mind off it and told her to go find Scott, but right now, she wished he would rot in hell for all she cared. Sighing, Adélie reached over and turned on her radio. ‘Until You Loved Me' blasted trough her car.

"Ugh!," Adélie screamed in disgust and pushed in her Smash Mouth tape. Singing along to ‘All Star' she pulled into the parking lot of the local Safeway. Parking her car far away from the others, she turned it off and collected her things. Quickly glancing at the top of the list, she attempted to read her mother's sloppy hand writing.

"Rite....Aid. Dammit! I'm at the wrong place!" Angry she got in her car and turned it on. Furiously she put it in reverse and pulled out. A sound of loud crunching and squealing tires filled her ears, "oh no!"

Her hands flying to her face, Adélie sat in horror. Slowly she climbed out of the car. Turning around, she saw the last person she wanted to see behind her. There was Scott, staring at the crunched grill on his red jeep.

"Great," Adélie mumbled as she reached in the window for her bag. Pulling out her wallet, she looked around for her insurance card.

"It's okay," Scott said walking up to her, "I wasn't looking where I was going. I'll pay for the damages on your car."

Adélie froze, "wha?"

Scott chuckled, "it's my fault. I wasn't paying attention when you pulled out and it was my fault. I will pay for the damages on your car."

"Good, that's what I thought you said," Adélie sighed in relief. She pulled out a piece of paper and jotted down her phone number, name, insurance company, and their number and handed it to Scott, "there you go."

"Thanks, I'm really sorry for the damage," he said walking backwards towards his jeep. Not looked where he was going, he walked into his side mirror. Adélie rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," she replied coldly. Tossing her bag into the passenger seat, she climbed in a started the car. Without so much as a ‘good-bye' she sped out of the parking lot, leaving Scott to inhale her exhaust fumes.

"Adélie, phone!!!!!!," her mother yelled from downstairs.

"I got it!," she yelled leaning over and grabbing her phone. Pressing the ‘TALK' button, she held it up to her ear.

"Lila?," she asked, waiting to hear her best friend's voice come sailing over the line.

"Um..not quite," a male voice said. Adélie tried to figure out the unfamiliar voice.

"Who the hell is this?," she asked getting up and walking to her window.

"This is Scott. They guy from the accident in the parking lot...," he said trying to jog her memory.

"I only had one accident today, and that was with you. Are you trying to imply that I got in more than one accident so you have to tell me which one? I think I would remember meeting an arrogant guy such as yourself!," Adélie rushed, her face fading of its redness.

"I..uh..no. I just wanted to know if we could get together to talk about the insurance and stuff," he trailed off.

"What is there to talk about? You call your insurance company. They get in contact with mine then they give an estimate of how much repairs will be. You pay me the money. Ta-da!," Adélie explained, a little annoyed at the fact that he had called. Normally she would never be this rude to anyone. But considering that her parents decided to move her from some stupid suggestion she had made because she wanted to find him, it had spoiled her mood.

"Sounds like you know a lot about getting in accidents," Scott laughed. Adélie could tell he was smiling

Ignoring his last comment, Adélie continued on, "why the hell did you call anyway?"

"Oh...I...I was kinda hoping that maybe we could get some lunch together or something...," he muttered, slightly unsure of himself.

"Your kidding, right? Is this how you pick up women? By totaling their cars?," Adélie asked slightly amused.

"I didn't total your car!," Scott spoke up, defending himself. Adélie rolled her eyes.

"Oh please genius. Get glasses and watch were you are going next time. Later Accident Prone," she sighed. Ignoring his protest, she clicked the ‘TALK' button and tossed the phone on the bed.

"Jack ass," she muttered sitting down at her desk and pulling out some paper and a pen. She had to write Lila a letter.