Scott read the note over another time as the airplane landed. It was crumpled and the fold lines were wearing down. He had been folding it and re-folding it, reading it and rereading it. He was trying to figure out what he was going to say to Angel. What could he possibly say that would convince her that her life wasn't a wasted effort? He couldn't think of anything, but he only had a day at the most to figure it all out now. They were in London, England.

They made their way through the crowded terminal, and found a place to rent a car. After finding a vacant hotel room and a map, Scott set out on his quest. Thanking his lucky stars for his recently obtained driver's license, he jumped in the car and sped out of the parking lot.

"To Blandword Street, Captain Spock." he said, laughing.

After a million wrong turns and 5 pit stops at various gas stations, Scott finally pulled into the driveway of 327 Blandword Street. A pretty cheery place, as far as he could see. Still, as he rang the doorbell, the butterflies in his stomach quickly multiplied. After a long, drawn out silence, a lady answered the door.

"What?" she asked rudely.

"Um.. Is Angel there?" Scott replied, his knees going weak with fright.

"Yeah." Then she turned around and screamed up the stairs, "ANGEL! GIT DOWN 'ERE!"

Somebody shouted something from the top, but Scott couldn't make out what it was. Soon after, a beautiful young girl appeared at the door.

"Scott?!? What are you doing here?" she asked, then, before he could answer, she turned to the woman and said, "Auntie, could you please leave?"

"I dunno why I should, but I will anyway. You better be finished packing, cause your Uncle Rob is coming to git you tomorrow morning. He's gonna take you for a spell." 'Auntie's' figure retreated into the house, still muttering about problems and relief. Angel, who now had tears rolling down her face, held her arms out and Scott gave her a hug. He let her cry on his shoulder for a while before saying.

"I got your letter, and I couldn't let you do this. I needed to talk to you."

"You came all the way to England just to talk to a fan who sent you a letter?" Angel sniffed.

"It wasn't just any letter. I couldn't just throw that letter out without feeling like I could have done something for you." Angel was still crying, so Scott suggested that they go for a walk. With her agreement, the two started to walk away from the house.

"That's my Auntie Joyce. I'm with her till tomorrow. Then I'm off to Scotland to live with my Uncle Rob. Then he'll decide that he doesn't like me and I'll be shipped off somewhere else." Another tear rolled down her cheek, and she wiped it off angrily.

"I don't know what to say, Angel. I want to show you that life is great, and worth living, but I'm not sure that there's anything I can say that would make you believe me."

Angel just nodded her head.

"I mean, you're beautiful. I'm sure that you're a great girl, and I know from your letter that you're a great writer, whether you know it or not. I can't see why anyone wouldn't be proud to call you theirs."

They reached a little park and both moved toward the swings.

"I don't know what to tell you. Right now, I'm in too much shock to even know what I'm saying. I can't believe that I meant enough to Scott Moffatt for him to give up whatever he had going on to come over to see me. I don't deserve your attention." Angel sobbed, sitting down on one of the swings and covering her face with her hands.

"Of course you do!" Scott exclaimed, crouching down in front of her. "As far as I'm concerned, you deserve my attention as much as my brothers do."

Scott couldn't believe how oppressive Angel was. He'd never known anyone who had ever cried this much before, whether it was because they were hurt physically or otherwise. He felt awful just sitting there, watching her cry, but he wasn't sure what to do. She was possibly the most beautiful girl he'd ever met, which made it even harder for him to understand her lack of self esteem. If her eyes weren't full of tears, he was sure that they would be gorgeous. And he was sure that if she would only smile, her whole face would be brighter than the sun. He only wished that he knew a way to dry her tears. Getting down on his knees, he wrapped his arms around her shaking body.

"Shh..." he murmured,"I'm here. I want to make everything okay."

Angel slowly stopped crying. "I want you to too." she whimpered.

"Then tell me what to do. Tell me what you know would make you really happy." Scott pleaded.

"I want somebody to love me." she said.

"Maybe your Uncle Rob will. You never know, Angel!" he replied, trying to sound cheery.

"Maybe." Angel nodded uncertainly.

"Look. Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight. You can forget all about your family for just a couple of hours and try to have a good time. Maybe even smile a little?"

Angel looked at him with glassy eyes.

"For me?" Scott asked.

She looked at him again, and he looked back at her. Finally, she nodded.

"Great!" Scott beamed, "Do you need to tell your aunt first?"

"Naw." Angel shrugged, "I'm leaving tomorrow anyway. What's the worst that she can do? Ground me for a few hours?"

Scott laughed nervously, then snapped his fingers. "We have to go back anyway,"he reminded her,"My car's there."

"Right. Okay, we can go back, and I'll tell Auntie while you start up the car."

"Alright!" Scott smiled.