"Dave! Wake up!" a male voice cried.

There were four guys, only three were standing. The one that was lying, passed out on the ground from a very nasty knock on the head, Dave, had very short, brown, spiky hair, and a baby like face.

Malory's eyes opened suddenly but her vision was very blurry. She saw a large dark spot on the pavement and she figured that had to have been the person that she had run into. She had just heard someone call him Dave. There was one person hovering over Dave. She looked up and saw two faces floating over her. Her vision was just starting to clear and she heard a distant voice saying, "Come on, guys! She's waking up. Help her up!"

She found herself being lifted by the arms. Suddenly, she was standing on her own. The one that was immediately before her was approximately fifteen years old. He had very long, brown hair and a great looking smile. To her left was another guy, about the same age, with very short brown hair and the bangs dyed blonde. A dizzy spell hit her, all of a sudden, and she found herself falling backwards. She was caught from behind by someone that she hadn't known was there.

The one that had just caught her began lying her down on the pavement, when the boy with short blonde bangs said, "What should we do?"

"Why don't you carry her over to that hammock?" said the one with long brown hair. She was lifted and carried like a baby, by the one that had caught her, over to the hammock, near by. The two guys that she had seen were busy trying to wake up Dave so The other one stayed with her. It was very dark, so when she finally did open her eyes, it took them time to adjust. When they finally did, she got a semi-clear look at the one that had caught her. He had long brown hair, just below his shoulders, with his bangs as long as the rest of his hair and dyed blonde. The dim light, from the lightpost on the sidewalk, accentuated his strong jaw line and sparkling eyes.

"You think you can stand up now?" He asked.

She nodded as he reached down a hand to help her up. He leaned down just as she sat up and BANG! Their heads bumped together. She fell back into the hammock while he fell down into the sand. She sat back up to see if he was ok and a sharp pain shot through her entire body. He sat up and shook his head. Once he had brushed off most of the sand that had covered him when he fell, he looked up at her. As soon as their eyes met, they both started laughing uncontrollably. She stood, balancing herself with the pole that the hammock was connected to, and offered a hand to help him out of the sand. They stood and began walking back to the other three, still laughing. Dave had finally sat up, but he still looked out of it. The other two helped him up and the one with long, brown hair said, laughing, "You two done flirting over there?"

"I don't think that falling down and getting hurt qualifies as flirting." Malory said sounding a little more harsh than she meant to. There was a lamp post right near where they were standing and she could finally see what each of them looked like. She was looking at them each in turn. She just couldn't shake the feeling that she had seen them before and that she should know who they were.

"By the way," the one who had caught her said. "I'm Scott. I believe you've already met Dave." He laughed.

"And Clint and Bob, right?" she said without thinking.

They all looked at her strangely. "Yeah, how did you know?" Clint asked.

"I'm...I'm not sure." she said, realizing that she had already known their names and she couldn't remember where she had heard them from. "You guys must have said them, or something. I'm Malory."

There was a moment of silence until Bob asked, "Why are you looking at us so weird?"

"Huh?" she asked. Then she realized that she had been staring.

Suddenly, there was a hand on the back of her head. She cringed in pain.

"You got quite a lump, there." said Scott. "Come on. We were just going to... the thing where the big pool is... ummm....."

"Port Royale." she finished for him.

"Yeah, that's it. We were just going to Port Royale. We could get you, maybe an ice pack, or something." he said.

"Yeah." she said. "But I have to get my sandals, first. That's what I came down here for. I left them on the beach earlier tonight."

"Ok. We'll wait for you here." Bob said.

She retrieved her sandals. After she picked them up, she turned towards the group of guys that she had just met, and she just couldn't escape that strange feeling. She felt like she should know who they are.

She tried to shake the feeling and began walking with them to Port Royale.