"I can't believe it! We're finally here!" Katie crowed as she shoved her 'key' (actually it was a credit card look-alike) into the slot on the door. There was a whirring noise and the small green light above the door handle turned green. They pushed open the door. Jenica shoved her way through her friends and yelled out, "Ha ha, I'm the first one in!" as she collapsed onto the bed. The room was nice. The air conditioning was on full blast and the cold air renewed the energy of the four weary travelers. The walls were yellow, there was a painting over each bed of beach scenes, and the bedspreads had pictures of seashells on them. There were two four post beds and the top of each post was carved to look like a pineapple. There was also a large entertainment center which had calypso type carvings on the sides and doors.

"I'll be right next door if you girls need anything, like maybe a wakeup call?" Rick said from the doorway.

"NO!!!" the four girls screamed in unison as they shoved the door shut in his face. After they had gotten rid of Malory's father Jenni took two steps forward, dropped her bags, and smiled for about the six hundredth time that day. "finally, sweet bliss. They've stopped talking for a minute.' Her bliss was short lived, though. At that moment, Katie, Malory, and Jenica were all on their feet giving each other the evil eye as each one of them slowly edged towards the bathroom. They were switching their eyes between each other and their goal. Suddenly, Katie yelled. Malory and Jenica soon joined in and they all began running for the bathroom. Katie got there first and tried to slam the door but Jenica had already put her foot in the way. Jenica yelped in pain as Katie tried putting all of her weight on the door to force it shut . With Malory and Jenica (in other words, two weaklings) on one side , and Katie on the other, it was a pretty fair fight. Finally, Malory got sick of hearing Katie grunting and groaning so she gave up. Now Jenica was all alone in her fight and she knew that she wouldn't win, so she gave up, too.

"Woo Hoo!" Katie cried, trying to sound like Homer Simpson, as she slammed the door. Jenni had already turned on the television and was channel surfing. All that she could find were channels about Disney World.

"This sucks!" she cried. "No MTV? No VH1? No Much Music? I'm gonna die out here!"

"Settle down, Jenni. They're there. Ya just gotta find 'em," Malory said. "I think they're in the higher channels. It took me forever to find them the first time I came here, too."

Jenni gasped and yelled for Katie to get her ass out of the bathroom, NOW!

"It's the Moffatts, Katie! Get out here!" Jenica cried.

Katie ran out and the four girls gathered around the television to watch the video to "Girl Of My Dreams" for almost the hundredth time that week.

"They're so HOT!" Katie sighed.

"Here comes the goofy walking thingy that they do!" Malory said.

"I know," replied Jenica, "it's goofy, but I love the extreme close up.

The video ended and Malory got an idea.

"Put your swimming suits on, girls," Malory cried. "Tonight I'm gonna show you just what this resort has to offer. I have to take you on the Grand Tour. You guys are gonna love this place, and... all of the available guys that come with it."

Malory had already retrieved her bathing suit from her suitcase and was banging on the bathroom door telling Katie to move her ass. Jenica was digging through her swamp of a suitcase for her swimming suit. Jenni grabbed her suit, and knowing that Katie wasn't coming out of the bathroom any time soon, she began channel surfing again. An hour later, all of the girls were ready. They stopped by Rick's room and Malory told him that she was taking them on the Grand Tour. He said OK and that he would be down at the calypso bar if they needed him.

"You girls ready? Then let the tour begin!" Malory called as she raced down the stairs outside the door of their room to the side walk below.