"So Mal, what's this resort like, anyway?" Katie asked.

"Well, do you want me to tell you about it, right now, or , do you want me to give you the Grand Tour when we get there?" Malory asked, turning around so that she could see her friends.

"I'll take the Grand Tour, Bob!" Katie said, in her best gameshow host voice.

"What about Bob? He did what? Katie, you should know better!" Jenica said in a scolding tone.

"Bite me!" Katie cried as she threw her hands in the air.

They finally arrived and Rick and Malory explained to the other three about how they had to check in at the main gate before they could go to their rooms. The first thing they came to was an officer at the gate to the entrance. He spoke to Rick for a moment, raised the gate, and waved them through. They drove down a palm tree lined street until Rick turned on the first road to the right. They were then in the main parking lot for the Lobby where they would have to check in. They found a spot and the five of them got out and started walking towards the colorful building. There were tropical flowers everywhere and it made the whole place smell wonderful. The inside of the building was just as beautiful. The lobby had a Jamaican style to it. There was calypso music floating through the air. There was a long line of people waiting to check in to their rooms. Rick got in line as Malory started her friends around. The room was very large and 2/3's of the outside edge of the room was a very long grey marble counter. Behind the counter was where the overzealous employees of the resort. The only other set of doors out of the main lobby took you to the restrooms. There was a machine in the corner surrounded by a small group of children. Katie, Jenni, Malory, and Jenica decided to investigate. The children were looking at a small copper colored disk in amazement. Then, another child produced a penny from a lint filled pocket. The children's faces brightened as the child stepped forward and slid the penny into the machine. The girls watched as the penny went through the went through the machine and came out smaxhed flat witha picture of mickey mouse on one side.

"That's what they're all so excited about?!" Katie cried walking away.

"What are you talking about, Katie? We all know that you wanted to try it. I saw your face when the coin came out, you stupid!" Malory said, flashing Katie a grin.

"OK, well, maybe I did a little bit, but, at least I wasn't going psycho like those kids." Katie retorted.

"Katie! They were, like, five years old! What did you expect?" Jenni cried, getting annoyed.

"Uh, Mal? Your dad is almost through the line. Should we join him?" Jenica asked, trying to ward off a fight.

"Yeah, I guess we should." Malory said.

They sauntered over to the line and stepped over the ropes to join Malory's father. They were soon through the line and being helped by an overly happy woman in a green and white striped shirt with a matching green skirt. Her brown hair fell lightly around her shoulders and her green eyes shined when she spoke. To tell the truth, she kind of creeped out the four friends. They thanked her and started walking out of the building to go find their rooms.

"Was it just me or was that lady really creepy?" Malory asked as they walked out the doors into the oppressive heat of the Florida sun.

"She was so happy. It was almost mesmerizing." Katie said as a shiver ran through her body, despite the sun beating down on them from above.

"Quit it, girls," Rick said. "She was just trying to be friendly. It's her job."

They got in the car.

"So, our rooms are in Aruba, huh?" Katie asked, laughing. "Seems like a long way to travel to me."

"You stupid!" Malory cried. "It's not IN Aruba. It's just in Aruba."

"OK, I think we're all a little lost now." Jenica said.

"Alright, I'll explain," Malory said in an exasperated voice. "At this resort there are six different sections. There's Aruba, Jamaica, Barbados, North Trinidad, South Trinidad, and Port Royale. They're all positioned around the lake in a circle. Port Royale is the place where you find the main pool, the stores, and the restaurants. As for the other places, those are the rooms. Ya see, each island name is the name of a group of about six, two story builidings. There is a pool for each one of the island things but you don't have to use that one if you don't want to. Oh, and there is a island in the middle of the lake that has two bridges connecting the opposite sides. We'll be on the opposite side of the lake from Port Royale so when you want to go there all you have to do is cross the bridges and the island. You guys get it now?"

"Would you knock it off? I have a headache from listening to you ramble. I mean, It's not like we couldn't figure it out for ourselves," Jenni cried. "God, I can't even think."

"Yeah, but are you sure that that's because of me?" Malory asked, laughing.

"Ha Ha," Jenni replied without emotion.

"We're here!" cried Rick as he pulled into a parking spot close to the building that they wouldb e staying in for the next week. "Everybody out! Mal, pop open the trunk and get out the bags while I close the convertible top, K?"

"Yeah, OK," Malory replied as she climbed out of the car and pulled the trunk release.

The group gathered their bags and began walking toward the buildings looking for their rooms.