"I can't believe it! A whole week in Florida!" screamed Katie.

"Oh God, I know." said Malory "All thanks to my BRILLIANT planning. We are on our way!"

"It wasn't ALL you!" said Jenni.

"You guys!" whined Jenica, "Go to sleep! We have a plane to catch and I want to be awake for the take off. I'm so tired. You guys kept me up all night at Jenni's house last night. Do you realize that because of you I've only had 6 hours of sleep in the past two days?"

"Oh, quit whining!" called Katie from the kitchen. "I know you get cranky when you don't get your much needed beauty sleep, but just think, in ten hours we'll be leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again."

"This is so cool! said Malory. "Let the countdown begin! 10!........"

"9!" yelled Katie.

"You stupid!" Malory retorted. "We can't have 9 until there are 9 hours left. You can say that in 59 minutes and 20...19...18...17...16...15 seconds."

The four girls were lounged around Malory's bedroom. Katie was a kind of loud girl with dishwater blonde hair and crystal clear bue eyes. She wore a loose fitting T-shirt with jeans that were 3 sizes too big for her. Katie was the type to do what she pleased, meaning, she didn't care what the IN crowd thought of her, which made her a threat to the popular people of their hometown. She rocked back and forth on Malory's nintendo chair as she stared dreamily into the eyes of the Moffatt brothers on a poster she had recently borrowed from Malory's wall. Jenni, a well-witted, light brunette, was wearing a T-shirt she had gotten at a recent Hanson concert, even though she knew that Malory didn't usually allow anything involving Hanson on her property. She was singing along with the radio as she beat Malory to a bloody pulp at poker. Malory was a sarcastic freak who was just on the blonde side. She was the kind to use humor to get through life in a small town, meaning, she put everything and everyone down, constantly. She angrily dealt the cards to continue the heated game between Jenni and herself. Since she didn't really like clothing that was baggy, or what other people called comfortable, she was wearing a tight, spaghetti strapped, tie-die shirt with denim shorts that she acctually had to lie down to zip and button. Jenica, of course, was desperately trying to shut everyone up so that she might catch a few Z's before she had to get on the plane. She was all decked out in a long T-shirt and boxers which were the clothes she would choose to wear 24/7 if she could. She was a small girl, probably only 5'3", who's brain was just about as blonde as her hair.

"Ha! Beat ya!" said Jenni triumphantly.

"No way! It can't be! You can't win! I'm supposed to win," Malory pouted.

"Sure ya are," Katie said from he chair. "You know Jenni never loses at poker."

"That's right. I don't." said Jenni as she claimed the pot. "Toothpicks. Hundreds and hundreds of toothpicks. So, what am I gonna do with all of my winnings?"

"Well, you won't be having problems eating popcorn for a while, will ya?" said Katie, laughing.

"Guess not." Jenni replied.

"Too bad it's not real money." Jennica said, only half awake.

"Well, duh!" yelled Jenni as she threw a pillow at Jenica. "If it was real money I wouldn'tbe sitting here with you guys. I'd tell ya to meet me out there because I would be there already."

"What? Are we not good enough for you now, Miss Toothpick Queen?" Katie asked, laughing.

"Of course you're not," Jenni replied, "but, you already knew that!"

"I'm trying to sleep!" cried Jenica.

"So try harder!" Malory cried back.

"Thanks a bunch." Jenica mumbled as she slipped back to sleep.

"God, Florida. And I believe that our third day there will be the best day of our lives." Katie said.

"Yeah" the other 3 girls sighed.

"I can't believe it, Mal. Third row, center.You never cease to amaze me. How did you get these tickets? You never actually told us." piped Kaite.

"Well, I heard that the Moffatts were gonna be down there at Disney World on May 23. I knew we were planning to go out there right after school got out so I decided to see if there were any rooms open during that week. I made a few calls, surfed the net, ordered the rooms, got the plane tickets, got the concert tickets, called you guys to see if it was OK, and... it was." Malory said in one breath.

"How did you do that?!?!" asked Katie.

"Do what?" Malory asked.

"How did you say all of that in one breath. You better be careful. You might hyperventilate." Katie said, laughing throughout the whole sentance. Nobody else laughed.

"Why aren't you laughing, guys?" asked Katie between giggles.

"Because it wasn't funny." Jenni shot back.

Suddenly, the room was very quiet except for one very strange noise.

"What is that noise?" whisperd Jenni.

Katie and Malory shrugged.

At the exact same moment, Katie , Jenni, and Malory all looked towards Jenica who had begun to snore, loudly.They looked back towards eachother, and the moment that their eyes met, laughter erupted into the room.

Jenica awoke to the sounds of her friends gasping for breath. They hadn't slpet much and at that point, anything could have gotten them laughing. Jenica, at the sight of her friends doubled over and rolling on the floor with laughter, couldn't help but start in, herself.

After 2 minutes straight of laughing, it started to diminish. With cramped stomachs and teary eyes, they realized that they had forgotten what they had been laughing at.

"What was so funny, you guys?" Jenica laughed, wiping tears off of her cheeks.

"I have absolutely no idea!" Malory said, clutching her aching stomach.

"How can you have no idea? You were laughing forever." Jenica asked, dumbfounded.

"Well, I guess that that was enough time to wipe all the thoughts from our overtired minds, right guys? It's kinda like you Jen. Only you don't have to be tired for it to happen to you," Katie said.

"Guys, we better do like Jen and saw some logs. We've got a big day ahead of us." Malory said.

"What do you mean saw logs like Jen?" Jrnica cried.

"NIGHT!" the other 3 girls cried in unison, which started another laughing fit.

"Answer me!" Jenica cried between fits of laughter.

This laughing spasm was short lived. They were all asleep in 2 minutes flat, dreaming of Florida and the concert which lie ahead.