Bob let the warm sun beat down on his face as he made his way over to Darren's. The morning was clear and sunny. Bob had been up since 5:30 that morning thinking about what he could do that would make Laurel fall in love with him and dump her boyfriend. He carelessly kicked a rock into the street and looked up. Darren's house was approaching, or rather, he was approaching it. He cut up the lawn to the porch. Silently he rang the doorbell and waited for an answer.

"Coming!," a familiar voice called. The door opened and there stood Darren's step sister Laurel. She smiled, "hey Bob! Come on in."

She opened the door further and Bob walked in. The home was very cozy. It had a small foyer, that to the right opened into the dinning room. To the left was the den. Through the dinning room was there spacious kitchen. Laurel's mom, Cynthia, was a gourmet chef downtown at Split Level, a trendy five star restaurant. Cynthia and James, Darren's father, a highly respected lawyer, had married about 3 years ago and Laurel and Cynthia had moved from Boston, to Victoria. Darren had always wanted a sister, as did Laurel want a brother. They rarely ever fought and got along so well. They didn't even tell anyone that the were a step-siblings. You wouldn't be able to tell anyway. Laurel had long dirty blonde hair that she refused to cut. She wanted to grow it below her waist then cut it to her shoulders and give the hair to Locks of Love, where they make them into wigs for cancer victims. She was very determined to do so. She was one month older than Darren, but looked younger than him. She was shorter. About to Bob' shoulders. Her eyes were a dark brown with the outside and inside rim a golden color. She was a funny dresser. She didn't like to fit in with everyone. She always made Bob laugh with her out lavish clothing. This morning her hair was pulled up into a million little buns all over her head. She was wearing light blue tank top, lime green shorts, and a pair of hot pink flip flops with plastic flowers on the straps.

"Hey Laurel, is Darren up?," he asked following her into the kitchen.

"Darren? Up at," she looked at the 5 Rugrat watches on her wrist, "9:30? You have got to be kidding me. Come back in three hours."

"Ugh! Can you go wake him up?," he asked her taking a seat behind the counter.

She laughed, "no, you know how grumpy he is if his slumber is disturbed! No way I'm going to face that wrath. But help yourself!"

She walked over to fridge and pulled out a piece of cold cheese pizza. She took a bite, "yum!

Bob laughed. It was Sunday morning, Saturday night was always pizza night and when James and Cynthia went to church in the morning, Laurel and Darren would eat the leftovers for breakfast.

"Looks good, got any more?," Bob asked, realizing he hadn't eaten breakfast. "Um...cold," Bob decided. Laurel put it on a plate and brought it over to him.

"So why did you come over so early?," Laurel asked picking off the frozen pepperoni.

"You know that date that Darren went on last night?," he asked her.

"Oh yeah, with that ‘hot babe' Jamie something or other, yeah I remember," she laughed. Bob smirked.

"Jamie Ferris, and he had set me up on a date with his sister Brooke. I wanted to get her number so I could talk with her," he explained.

Laurel was in deep thought, "Brooke Ferris, does she dance?"

"Yeah, why?"

Laurel smiled, "I go to a dance studio Esquimalt and I take dance with her. Doesn't she have a boyfriend?"

Bob sighed remembering that one detail, "oh yeah. Do you know him?"

"I met him once or twice. He sometimes picks her up from practice. He is a nice guy. His name is Patrick or something like that," she explained biting into her pizza again.

"He drives?," Bob asked his eyes wide in astonishment.

Laurel laughed, "yeah. So you love this girl and she has a boyfriend. Don't you think that would be a lil' difficult to get her?"

"Well, that's were you could come in," Bob grinned.

"Oh? And what make you think I will help you?," Laurel smirked.

"Because you are my best friend!!!!"

"I thought Darren was," Laurel laughed.

"Not anymore! So, does your place give beginners lessons?," he asked with a sly smile.

"Huh?," Laurel asked confused.

Bob took a huge bite of his pizza.

"You'll see," he mumbled, pepperoni falling from his mouth. Laurel laughed and threw him a napkin.

"That's gross," she laughed shaking her head.

"I know," Bob smirked. He couldn't wait til Laurel's next dance lesson. But before then, he had some things to take care of.