"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH", I screamed as I practically jumped out of the door. After finishing my horrifying scream of murder I stood outside my door. I placed my right hand on my chest to hold in my rapidly beating heart. I must have had little bit of a heart attack because I started feeling my body become extremely heavy and my head become very light. I started seeing blurry then I must have blacked out. I then woke up to soft coolness of something wet on my forehead. I looked up expecting to see my mom or dad but that is not who I saw.

"SHEILA, oh my god, what are doing here????", I shouted as I jolted up from the couch. I couldn't believe it was her, but it couldn't have been her.

"Are you feeling better, are you alright??", she asked me with concern on her face. She must have seen the shock on my face cause she got up from the couch and started walking towards me. She touched my shoulder.

"You have been out cold for about an hour and 45 minutes, are you feeling better?" She asked giving me the biggest hug. I hugged her back, I couldn't believe it was her, I thought she had left. I pulled away very quickly and looked at her very suspiciously.

"Wait a minute, I thought you left, well at least that is what my parents and sister had told me?!", I said looking at straight at her.

"SURPRISE!!!!", she said lifting her arms in the air,"We didn't really leave, we wanted to surprise you. Did it work??"

Before I could answer I heard someone call Sheila's name from another room.

"Hey Sheila how is....wow",the voice said stopping in the hall way door. I spun around to see Dave standing there with a huge smile on his face. I tried to smile back and run to give a him a huge hug but all I could do was stand there in shock. He seemed to be in some what of a shock as well.

"HEY, Liana, you're up. How are you feeling!???", he asked as he walked up to me and gave me a huge hug, all I could do was stand there.

"Are you ok dear??", Sheila asked snapping me out of my trance. I turned to Sheila and smiled mischievously.

"Yeah, I am but you're son is not going to be!!", I said turning to Dave who had a worried expression on his face.

"Dave!!!", I said turning to him and smiling. I then got a very serious look on my face and then I went in for the attack. I grabbed Dave by his shoulders and pinned him to the ground. I sat on his stomach and held his hands to the floor. I could hear Sheila laughing behind me.

"This is for never calling me or writing me !!", I said as I got up off him. We both stood up and then he smiled at me. I only gave him a glare in return in which made him step back a little ways. To seize the moment I then brought my hand down on his head hard.

"Geesh, so much for a welcome home present!!', he said as he rubbed his head. Sheila had stopped laughing and went into the kitchen to where all the grown ups were.

"Oh that was just what I had promised to do, that's all!!", I said looking at him.

"WHAT??", he asked as he gave me a weird look.

"I told you when we were on the phone that because you were being such a dork that the next time that I would see you that I would slap on the head!!!", I said looking at him," And I never go back on my word!!"

He looked at me like he was ashamed of me. I looked at him and smiled followed by huge laugh which sent me to the floor rolling around like a pig in the mud. I finished laughing and stood up. Dave only looked at me like I was a mental patient, that just escaped or did something unbelievably wrong.

"Well", I said looking at him,"You look very unsure of who or what I have turned into these last few years so here is something that you might remember!!" I said as I leaned close to him, he only stepped back as if I was going to kill him. I laughed and then I stepped by him and put my arms under his and gave him a big hug, this time he returned my hug with one of his own.

"Oh my god , I have missed you guys so much", I said as I released him,"speaking of which, where are the other guys??" I asked.

"Oh they waited for you to wake up but after like 15 minutes they gave up and went downstairs to play your Sega Genesis, you must love that thing cause you still have it!", he said smiling at me.

"Yeah, I love that thing", I said looking at the floor. I looked backup at him," I am going to go scare the shit out of them downstairs, K???"

" Go ahead, I am sure they will enjoy it. Well I am going to get something to eat, I will see ya later!!!", he said walking into the kitchen. I walked over to the stairs and looked down to the door that lead into the basement room. I walked slowly down the stairs and opened the door very quietly so that they wouldn't be able to hear me. I walked into the hall, to where another doorway was and stood there. I looked at all three boys, they acted the same way they did when we were little but, they all looked different. They looked good in my opinion. Clint and Bob were racing each other on in one of the Sega Genesis games that I had. Scott just sat there drinking his soda. He looked so perfect, like a painting. A painting in which I knew I would never be able to see as clear as I did before and a painting that I could get so close to but could never touch or feel it. I tried to come back to the real world, but my mind had so many thoughts running through it. So many that thoughts that when I tried to come back my mind would quickly run pass the opportunity and I would end up in a new trance allover again. I quickly snapped out of it, I must of made some noise cause when I looked back to the boys I caught Scott taking a sip of his soda while taking a glance over by the door where I stood, he saw me plain as day.

"LIANA!!!!", he said as he almost choked on his soda. I other two stopped playing and looked over by the door. I didn't know what to do so I did the most reasonable thing I could think of I ran for the stairs. I couldn't meet them like this I was a complete wreck. I flew up the stairs and ran into the living room to where all the adults were including Dave. They all looked at me with concern, except Dave who was laughing for some reason, most likely at me.

"Are you ok sweetie??, my mom asked as I opened the living room closet door, "what are you doing dear?"

All I could do was give her and everyone else in the room a slight smile, then I was off. I bolted towards the door and swung it open. I quickly stopped for a minute put my hands up in the air and took a deep breath of the fresh air then I ran off. I had to get away.

"What was the matter with Liana???", Clint asked Bob and Scott who were still in the basement. Bob and Scott nudged their shoulders at him. They all gave each other curious looks then all at once they ran for the door. After racing up the stairs after almost killing each other, they ended up in the living room to where the rest of the group was. They all had just as curious faces on as well.

"I hope she is ok, is she????", Frank asked as he looked out the window.

"Maybe one of us should go and see what is wrong with her!!", my dad said as he walked over to the window to join Frank.

"Ya know what it is, Liana is probably freaked about seeing you guys again after all this time. She probably got a little scared. If she was here I would smack her upside the head then ask her why she would be scared. I mean its just a bunch of dorky little boys, who in fact are still monsters, and their parents. I mean come on!!", Meghan said as she sat on the couch to read the daily comics. Everyone in the room gave a Meghan a ‘what are talking about?' look, she got the hint and lowered her head back down to her comics. She wished to take back what she had said for she knew that something good wouldn't come out of this. My Mom looked over at her and cleared her throat to get her attention. Meghan slowly looked up at her with a fake smile on her face.

"Well missy, since you are so keen on knowing your sister's personal problems, you get the privilege of going and finding where she went and then trying to talk to her about it!!", My mom finished looking at Meghan with a look of defeat. Meghan sighed and walked towards the door.

"Ya know what this is, this is black mail!!", Meghan said as she raised her right hand in the air and walked out the door. Every one in the room started laughing except Scott. I wonder what was the matter with her, was she too scared to even talk to me???,Scott thought as he looked out the window to see Meghan walking towards the park.