I knew that the next 3 days would go by really slowly. Whenever I would have to wait for something that I really wanted the time that I would have to wait would always go by like an eternity, it was a curse. Finally Thursday morning came around and I was so excited. As soon as I opened my eyes I ran out my door and flew down the two sets of stairs that were in front of my door. When I got into the kitchen I didn't see the happy faces that I would expect to see. My mom and dad were sitting at the table and my sister who had just returned from college was at the counter fixing something to eat, looked like jelly toast.

"What is up with the gloomy faces, did someone die!?", I asked as I took a seat at the table.

"Well we just found out some bad news", my mom said as she lifted her coffee cup to her lips. She was not the fastest person in the morning. I eagerly waited for what she was going to say.

"WELL, what is the bad news?", I asked about to rip my hair out from curiosity.

"Well the bad news is that Frank and Sheila called this morning telling us that they wouldn't be able to make it. They had some important things come up at the last minute, I am sorry honey!", she said as if it wasn't a big deal. I sat there in shock for what seemed like forever.

"Why can't they come, I thought they were going to take a break from the lifestyle of the rich and famous?", I said completely broken in half.

"Well they do lead a rather unusual life, ya know, so to them things like this happen all the time. Its not a big deal, you will see them again sometime soon!", she said

"MOM, it is to a big deal. I have been looking forward to this reunion for like ever and to only discover that my long waiting was useless, I mean why me mom, why?",I said hitting my head on the table hard enough that it would surely leave a big red mark of my forehead.

"I simply don't have all the answers, my dear", she said taking another drink of coffee.

"Well maybe they didn't want to deal with your whining, annoying little self!", my sister said as she sat down at the table."

"HAHAHAH, so funny Meghan. Well that just sucks, I am going to call Dave and scream at him for messing up my day!",I said as I grabbed the phone hanging on the wall.

"You can't!", Meghan said while she was reading the comics and stuffing her face.

"And why not?", I said.

"Because they already left, you'll just be dialing a number to an empty hotel room", Meghan said looking at me with a frown.

"Well that just screws my day way up, thanks for the info family!" I said slapping my sister upside the head then heading towards the stairs. Well I could always go to the mall with Erin and Hubble(Sara)today. I mean that is what we had originally planned, I thought. I slowly walked up the stairs to get dressed, I would have to face trying to make this an okay day, but I could tell from the beginning that it wasn't going to be easy.

Bob, where are ya man?", Clint said bumping into every wall in the house. It was pitch black and nobody could see a thing.

"I am over here. What happened? Is everything ok?", Bob said bumping into the walls himself.

"I think it was a black out ,is everybody here?," Frank said concerned,"lets do count off, One!"

"Two", Sheila followed while lighting the candles in the house, she had quite a few.

"Three", Scott said in a whispering tone. While the rest of the count off continued Sheila finished with the candles and walked up to Scott and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Are you ok, Scott, you seem kinda down for some reason."

"I think Liana hates me", Scott said lowering his head, "do you really think this surprise visit will cheer her up any?"

Scott said looking at Sheila with guilt in his eyes.

"I am sure it will, don't worry about it I am sure the moment she sees you she will run up and give you the biggest hug you have ever been given",Sheila finished looking at Scott with a big smile.

"I know, I know!," he said looking back towards the ground knowing that Liana giving him a hug wouldn't happen. She would probably punch me instead. Scott started drifting off into a memory that he had almost forgotten. He was remembering way back when Liana and himself were little and the one day that he actually had the nerve to kiss her and then she decked him. He started remembering how much it hurt but he liked kissing her and he knew that he wouldn't mind doing again. Even if it means having a broken nose. Sheila walked off and Bob, Clint and Dave approached him.

"Hey dude, what's the matter, is something wrong?",Clint asked.

"Maybe he is sick, or maybe he is dying!", Dave said as he climbed onto Scott's lap and sat there with his arms around his neck. Scott was really feeling like punching Dave but, he didn't care all that mattered was Liana and did she hate him or not.

"Well if you do die then I get Liana!" Dave said smiling big.Ok now he must die, Scott thought. He pushed Dave so hard off his lap that Dave feel and hit is butt on the floor really hard.

"Ouch", Dave moaned

"So that is what is upsetting you isn't it?", Dave said siting on the floor still.

Scott looked away from him.

"You're head over heals for Liana." He finished.

"Dave, shut up!" Scott said.

"I knew it, you have been this way ever since you found out we were coming back to see her and the her family!", Dave said laughing as hard as he could on the floor. Scott, Bob and Clint all looked at each other and devilish grins formed on their faces. Dave stopped laughing.

"What are you guys doing?", Dave asked starting to get worried.

"DOG PILE!!!!!!!", all three of the boys said as they jumped onto Dave. All four boys were so into killing each other that they didn't even notice that the lights were back on.

"HEY HEY, cut it out now boys we have to get going, if we don't leave now we won't make it in time to surprise Liana and I know that all four of you boys are looking forward to that!", Sheila said as she grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. Minutes later all of the Moffatt family was piled in the car and heading towards Liana's house.

"Thanks for giving me a ride home Mrs. McManis, I really appreciate it", I said to Erin's mom as I opened the door of their car.

"I guess I will see ya guys tomorrow!!" I said towards Hubble and Erin.

"Yeah, now don't forget that we might be late picking you up tomorrow so don't stress!", Erin said to me pointing. She was referring to the time that they were late before because I kept calling her house seeing if she had left and they hadn't even made out of the door yet when they would hear the phone ring and it was me.

"Well see ya tomorrow, buh-bye you guys!", I said as I gave Hubble and Erin a big hug. I gave them one last wave and then headed towards my house. The day hadn't gotten any better at all, it still sucked. I walked up to the door and put my hand on the doorknob to open it but to my surprise it was locked.

"Oh joy this day is just full of delightful treats isn't it??", I asked sarcastically. I started searching for my keys when I found them I practically shoved them into the door, I was starting to get pissed off. I opened the door but their was nothing but dark inside my house, it was very strange. I went and turned on the lights.