A couple of days had passed and I was so nervous. I hadn't received any phone calls from anyone relating to the topic of "THE MOFFATTS". In school I was a complete wreck, I didn't get any of my work done and I wasn't even paying the slightest bit of attention to any of my teachers. It was Monday, the last day before our Spring Break and I was on my walk home from school. So many thoughts ran through my mind, I barely made it home alive being that if you don't pay attention to where your walking you could get run over by a car and I almost did- -twice, by the same car too. I walked in the front door of my house. It seemed so quiet and un alive didn't seem like my house at all.

"Hello, is anybody home?" I asked as I walked in the kitchen, it was there I found a note I slowly read it to myself. It said:


We went to the store, be back in an hour or two. Someone called for you while you were at school and left an number for you to get a hold of them. They didn't leave their name but you probably don't care!! see ya soon, Mom and Dad

I picked up my cordless phone that was laying on the floor in front of my green chair. My dad had to fix it because I got mad and threw at the wall, it was sad I didn't have a phone for weeks. I was very pleased in seeing it again but, I was more curious to whom had called me. I carefully punched in the numbers on my phone being careful I wouldn't get the wrong number. It rang for a while until a someone on the other end picked it up.

"Hel uhuh lo!" the person on the other line said out of breath.

"Um, hi um" I said uneasy for I didn't know who it was.

"Hey look, we don't accept publicity and if this is a prank call by someone that likes us, forget it, I'll hang up!" The person on the other line said with kind of an attitude.

It was a boy and his voice sounded very familiar but I couldn't make it out. Was he from my school, he had to have been? I thought for a moment until the boy interrupted my pondering.

"Look you're obviously very confused and freaked about talking to me and I have no doubts that your probably a weird, sick, obsessed pervert that likes to spend their time making prank calls to people who really don't care and you prob........."

"Look little pimple, you're the one that is confused because you're the one who is blowing at someone who is returning a phone call that was made to my house from yours truly!!!" I said cutting in on his little rampaging cut downs towards me.

"Now you better tell me who I am talking to or I am going to star sixty-nine your ass, find out who you are then beat the shit out of you, you little dork!" I said about to ripe my own head off because I couldn't get to his over the phone.

"Who in the hell do you think you are?" he said thinking that he was the was the king of the castle.

"I am Little Miss Pretty Princess, I get what I want when I want, now I asked you first!"I said about to break my phone again.

"Liana, is that you?" the boy asked shocked and unsure of himself.

"How do you know my name"I said very annoyed and curious.

"Liana....... oh my god, yeah you guys its Liana", his voice seemed to trail off to people in the background "so how is your life? How is your family? How are you?" he said faster than I could translate over the phone. "OK your scarring the hell out of me, who are you?" I asked very scarred but aggressive.

"Liana I am shocked at you after all that I have done and the moments that we shared living down the street from each other for three years. I am really hurt!" He answered actually being nice now.

"UM, you're talking to a brick wall just to let ya know!" I said completely confused.

The boy started laughing.

"You're still a crack up, you have no idea who I am do you?" He asked.

"As a matter of fact no I don't" I said laughing a little. I would have to say that this little escapade was quite entertaining. "It's me Dave .... Dave Moffatt!"

"Oh my god, Dave, I'm going to kill you but first how are you?" I said completely and in all ways embarrassed of myself for being such a jerk.

"I am good and how 'bout you?" He asked so sweetly like he used to.

"I am good despite the fact that I have no clue why you're calling me!" I said kind of freaked that I was actually talking to him, it had been years since I heard one of the Moffatts call or talk to me. I was very glad to hear his voice, I was so glad I almost started crying. I didn't even know why.

"Well, I would have answered that question yesterday if you had picked up the phone when it rang. Most likely you were watching us on t.v. at the time, GIRLS, go fig!!!" Dave said mumbling to himself.

"Hey mister, as a matter of fact I did pick up the phone but, like you men who don't even wait a minute for a person to pick up, hung up me, BOYS, go fig!! I said mimicking him. He started laughing, I couldn't hold in so I laughed along with him. His laugh brought back many memories, lots in which scanned through my mind like a photocopy machine. I couldn't bring myself to ask the same question as my friend did after Dave tried to call but, I blurted it out.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS STAY IN TOUCH WITH ME?" I said practically screaming," I mean you could have written or called me, ya know phone directories do exist!!" I finished completely out of breath.

"Uh um a...." Dave stuttered to answer," I'm really sorry, I never meant to leave you in the dust like that and I know that the others feel the same way" Dave said almost whispering, like he was ashamed to answer.

"Well I guess I have no choice but to meet you guys when you arrive here so I can get the opportunity to slap all 4 of you guys up-side the heads" I said laughing. Dave got the hint that I wasn't mad and he started laughing along with me.

"Well Dave, when you guys come here in..."

"Three days" he answered for me.

"Thank you, three days, we will be waiting for you" I said trying to hold back my shock of how many days he gave me to prepare for our little reunion.

"Well is it Ok with your parents to come meet us at the airport on Thursday night?" Dave asked.

"Of course , yes, absolutely!! They're just as excited as I am, well I mean that I....its going to be nice and all but I am not excited, they are. I am still mad!!" I manged to say trying to cover up the truth. I didn't want him to think I was giving in. But truthfully I had given in the first time I heard his voice say my name in a very long time

We must have talked for hours on the phone. I couldn't believe that it was 2:30 a.m. when I finally hung up! I laid on my bed for quite a while before I actually feel asleep. I was recapping every moment that I had talked to them. I talked to the triplets for the most part but Scott didn't seem to want to talk that long, I started feeling that he didn't like me anymore. I erased all my thoughts from my mind so I could sleep but, the thought of Scott not liking me anymore haunted my mind . He was all that I dreamt about that night.