I sighed and fell back in my green recliner. Every day the walk home from school always wore out. I grabbed the t.v remote thinking that there was something a bit amusing on to watch, something that would entertain me until my sister or one of my family members got home. I started quickly flipping through the channels not a bit interested in what was on the boob tube, I stopped however when I saw 4 familiar faces that seemed to glow brighter every moment I watched them. I wide-eyed watched the screen, I couldn't help but laugh to myself but it was funny to see how they reacted towards being famous and being on t.v. shows. I knew those faces like the back of my own hand, they only lived down the street from me for 3 years. I could recognize the Moffatts anywhere and they always looked the same where ever I would see them but from the time that I found the channel that I have been watching from the time till now when I was looking at them I saw something different something that wasn't there before. I quickly started trying to blank my mind of any more deep thoughts and starting to pay more attention to what they were saying on the t.v.

"So what is going to happen now after you guys are done with your big tour, finally" said the really cheezy interviewer that was talking to the boys.

" Well we have not much planned just to lay back and take a rest from a ll of the music touring stuff" Scott Moffatt said. I laughed again, this time out loud. He was my favorite out of the whole clan of boys. The triplets, Bob, Clint and Dave, were cool too but, I had a better relationship with Scott. He was always there and he was always the one who seemed to care the most about my troubles. He was one of my bestest friends and yet I never barely saw him of even talked to him anymore. I sighed and my eyes fell to the floor I just wanted to turn the t.v. off and not even know what they were going to say. I reached for the power button, I lacked speed because of my recent depression so I slowly touched the power button on the remote but the noise of laughing and talking that I had once shared with the boys still remained hearable in the air. I pushed the power button again and again till realizing that the batteries must have went dead. The day was just getting better and better I thought to myself. I slowly dragged myself on to the floor where I reached for the power button on the t.v. box. I wasn't even an inch away from shutting the view of the boys, happy and laughing, out of my mind and ears when I was interrupted........

" Well the number one thing that we have definate to do is to visit our friends and family back home" Bob had said as he smiled with excitement. I froze I couldn't move or blink, I wanted to scream but when I tried only air came out my mouth I was frozen all the way to the tips of my toes. Not even expecting it I started screaming and jumping up and down On the floor I was so caught up in excitement that I didn't even hear the phone ring when I thought I heard the phone I stopped my parading around the room and stood quietly listening for another ring . I heard it from upstairs it remained in the same place that it was left from talking to someone this morning, my room. I quickly ran up the two flights of stairs and raced to my room, it was as I hoped it not to be locked. I always locked my room for the one and only reason, to keep my snoopy relatives out of my business, my privacy all in all my room. I then raced down the hall to my parents room where there was another phone. I quickly picked up the receiver and put it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said barely out of breath. I heard nothing for a while then I heard a beeping tone. They had hung up on me. Mad at myself and the person who just tried to call I slammed the phone down and started towards the door. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the phone ring again. I picked it up hoping it was the person who just tried to call.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hello you" my best friend, Erin said in a childish voice.

"Hey chica did you just try to call me before?" I asked hoping it was her.

"No well any way what are ya up to, anything new and exciting happening?" Erin quickly said trying to speed up the conversation.

"As a matter of fact there is, remember my friends the Moffatts that live down the street from me?"

"Yeah, whaz up with them?" Erin said not even sounding interested in what I was talking about.

"Well they are coming back here to see everybody and that means I will finally get to see them after all this time" I barely managed to squeal out.

" Well I don't get it why your so excited about seeing them again you see them every where now a days".

" Well if you ever listen you dingle dork I hadn't seen them in 4 years. Ya see when they came back after all the promotional stuff they did I had moved to California for a temporary job offer my dad had received from work, by the time I had moved back here they had left just a couple of weeks before to go on the their big tour." I finished kinda of annoyed that Erin never listened to long things if they didn't have to do with love, sex, violence or embarrassing stories about people. She made me mad that way.

" Well didn't they even write or call I mean that would be the least of things they could have done?" Erin said kind of put down.

I heard the door open and close. Someone was home most likely my mom.

" Hey I have to call ya later, my mom just got home. Okay?" I asked trying to escape the question.

"Yeah talk to ya later bye-bye" Erin said then leaving me in silence. I walked down the stairs slowly trying to think about the question that Erin just asked me. Why didn't they call or write. After dinner and telling my parents about the Moffatts coming back home, I slowly waked to my room to lay down. The question was haunting my mind and my thoughts I didn't have very much to worry about so I worried about that instead. I slowly laid the side of my head on my pillow and looked out side. The sky was more beautiful than I have ever seen it before. I then started to drift away into a heavy sleep.