2: so we meet

Dave laid back on his bed and flipped through the wallet once again. He stopped to look at her drivers license. He read it aloud:

"Kendall Gibson. 5316 Romford Dr. Seattle, Washington," he began, "Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown-"

"...Height: 5'4, DOB: 5-16-83...we know Dave, shut up already," Clint mumbled throwing a pillow at him. Dave laughed.

"God Dave, go to bed! Its 2 in the morning and we have to be up at 6!," Scott mumbled from a spare bed by the window. Dave laughed and flipped through the pictures. It was about the seventh time he had looked at it that night. There was one of the girl and the other girl from the concert in bathing suits striking a stupid pose and smiling for the camera. Dave had guessed it was the school's swim team. There was another picture of the two girls with two other guys, dressed in a Hawaiian theme. The two girls were standing back to back and the guys were kneeled with roses in their mouths. It was everything in the girls powers to not laugh. In the corner was a embossment ‘PHS Sadie Hawkins'. Dave smiled and flipped to the next picture. There was a picture of a blonde haired girl holding a trombone, dressed in a marching band uniform and another of a girl with long hair dressed in green knee socks, kleets, a green plaid skirt and a solid green shirt. She was lying on her stomach with a field hockey stick out in front of her. There was a picture of a little girl, around three, with long blonde hair that curled in. She was wearing a pink dress and white dress shoes. She was sitting on a box. Behind her was a boy, around five. He had a short brown hair cut in a crew style dressed in a blue polo shirt and black slacks. They were so cute. Dave laughed aloud at the next picture. It was a magazine cut out of Hanson. Dave shook his head and smiled. He looked through the wallet. There was an ATM card, some receipts, a gum wrapper, the ticket stub to "Matrix" and their concert. Dave noticed a piece of paper sticking out from behind her divers license. Not noticing it before, he curiously took it out. It was a lined piece of paper. When he opened it, a picture fell out into two pieces. It was of the girl and some guy sitting on a ledge, smiling and looking happy. Dave unfolded the letter and quickly scanned it over:

Dear Jake,

In regards to your last letter all I have to say to you is go to hell! I can see that to you, what we were was nothing. I try to make time for you, but between swimming and acting and everything else I have to do, there isn't much time! How dare you call me selfish and only think of myself! You say I spend more time with Meshell then you but you know what? She is my best friend, and she sure as hell will stick by me longer then you, this is proof. I did love you and all I told you was the truth. But if you can't see that and have to blame it on me so you have a good reason to leave, then do. Obviously it won't be worth convincing you otherwise!


A bit confused, Dave set it on the night stand beside him and turned off the lamp.

"Thank God," he heard them mutter in unison. He smiled and pulled the covers up over his shoulders and closed his eyes.


"DAVE!!!," Clint yelled in his ear. This time Dave jumped out of bed. "Wha? Wha?," he asked looking around and frantically looking around the room. He looked at his three brothers that stood around him. They were all ready to go. Their bags had been packed and loaded into the van, "what time is it?"

"7:05 my man! Rise and shine!," Bob laughed pulling him from the bed. Clint shoved a change of clothes into his arms.

"Better make it quick. That is if you still want to return that wallet to Kendall ," he laughed. He turned to Scott, fluttering his eyes, "I'm Kendall, love me, I'm Kendall!"

Scott laughed and pretended to be Dave, "oh Kendall! The love of my life!"

The two joined hands and began to dance around the hotel room. Bob looked at them and laughed. He turned to Dave.

"So what are you going to tell Matoya about this new love?," he asked. Dave had totally forgotten to tell them that they broke up. With the concert, and Kendall and all, it had totally slipped his mind.

"Don't have to tell her anything," he said simply, heading for the bathroom. Clint and Scott stopped dancing and looked at him.

"Why is that?," Clint asked, his interest sparked. Dave opened the door.

"We broke up," he mumbled. He shut the door behind him to avoid going into the conversation with them. He quickly got into the shower and before he knew it, he was out again. He quickly dried off and pulled on his boxers. He grabbed his maroon ‘Spitfire' t-shirt and pulled it on. He took his beige cargo shorts and pulled them on. He pulled his sock on and opened the door. A rush of warm damp air flew into his brothers faces. Their inquisitive faces.

"What do you mean you broke up with her?," Scott asked. Equally curious, the other two looked at him. Dave sighed and pulled on his old Vans. He walked out of the room, his brothers on his tail. He froze, making Clint and Scott run into him.

"Dave, tell us!," Bob whined, sounding like a five year old.

"FINE! If it will help you die happy! Matoya said she didn't like the fact that we are always on tour and she never gets to see me. And she says she can't put her life on hold waiting for me to come back. Happy now?," Dave asked turning and heading for the elevator. His brothers, feeling bad for pushing him, followed behind. When the reached the lobby, they waited with their family until the company van pulled up.

"Do you have a street map?," Dave asked the driver.

"I think so sir, let me check," he opened the glove box and pulled out a streetmap. He handed it to Dave, who eagerly flipped to the index. He ran his finger down the page until it rested on what he was looking for.

"Romford! Here it is! And what do you know, its on the way to the airport!," Clint, Bob, and Scott all rolled there eyes but knew better to keep there mouths shut. The van pulled away from the hotel curb and headed toward the freeway. After driving five minutes or so, it pulled off int o a normal Suburban neighborhood. By this time, butterflies had built up in Dave's stomach. It was a weird feeling and a new one to him. Sure he had been nervous to go an stage and all, but he never got butterflies. Performing was his life, it never seemed to bother him. But this did. He was about to confront this girl, meet her for the first time. He would find out if all this effort had been a good thing or a waste of time.

""Oh God...," he mumbled. Bob was looking out the window reading street signs.

"Rucker....Roxanne....Romford. Oh, there it is," he turned to Dave and smiled. The butterflies seemed to increase. Dave began to nervously drum on his knee. He looked out the window as they turned onto a street of colonial looking houses.

"5313....5314...5315...5316! There it is!," Scott exclaimed. The van stopped in front of a house that looked like it had been pulled right out of ‘Better Homes and Gardens'. It was a two-story white colonial house with blue trimming. The front lawn was cut in a crisscross pattern and surrounded by a colorful aray of flowers. In the driveway was the Honda. Bob opened the door and climbed out so Dave could. He pretended to hold a microphone, "Dave Moffatt, are you ready to meet your dream girl?"

"Shut up," he laughed. The butterflies had began to die down. Clutching the wallet, Dave slowly made his way up to the door. He turned back to the van. All his brothers stood outside, waiting to see what would happen. They all gave him a reassuring ‘thumbs up' and smiled. Taking a deep breath, he turned back to the door. He raised his hand and quickly knocked. Almost immediately afterwards, he regretted it. What if she didn't like him? What if he had spent all this time obsessing over her, and it turned out that she was head over heels for Clint, Bob, or Scott?

"Coming," a voice called from the other side of the door. There was some clattering in the kitchen and then he heard footsteps heading for the door. His knees became jell-o and he felt like he would be sick. This was it. The moment he had been waiting for...well, the last twelve hours for. He heard locks jingling on the other door. Then they stopped, "who is it?"

He cleared his throat, "uh..Dave."

"Dave who?," the voice asked again.

"Um..Dave Moffatt," he managed. There was silence on the other side of the door, the he heard the knob turning. The door opened revealing the girl. She had short brown hair that hung lifelessly below her shoulder. She was wearing a long grey night shirt with flannel shorts and white soccer socks pulled up. Dave chuckled.

"Um, hi. Can I help you with something?," she asked slightly confused by the moment. Dave smiled at her. The butterflies were gone now.

"I found this at the concert last night," he pulled out her wallet from his pocket, " sorry, but I looked in it to see who it belonged to."

She smiled and took the wallet, "thank you so much."

"No prob Bob," he smiled.

"What?," Bob called from over by the van. Kendall laughed and so did Dave.

"Not you genius," Dave yelled back. Bob rolled his eyes and turned back to the conversation him and his brothers were having. Dave turned back to Kendall. She was so much prettier in person. He smiled and took a deep breath.

"Look, I was wondering if I could call you maybe. I mean, if you have a boyfriend or something, the I won't but I just thought it would be cool to keep in touch, that's all. But if you want to then that is-," he rushed.

"Are you serious?," she asked rasing her eyebrow. Oh no, she doesn't like me! She is repulsed by the sight of me! Oh no!!!, he thought.

"Um..yeah, I was," he mumbled, blushing and a it disappointed. Kendall laughed. Dave turned a deeper shade of red.

"Oh good, I thought this was like some, ‘your on candid camera!' scam," she leaned up against the doorway and smiled, "so you are serious?"

Thinking there was some hope, Dave looked up, "yes, I was. And I still am."

Kendall grinned, "alright then. Let me get a pen. I'll write down my phone number for you. Come in."

She turned and walked into the house and Dave followed her, closing the door behind him. She led him into a quaint little kitchen. He looked around and noticed a plate with two non-touched Eggos on the table. Kendall walked over to the counter and opened a small junk drawer. She pulled out a pen and a post-it note. She scribbled her phone number and walked back over to him. Smiling, she handed it back.

"There you go," she smiled.

"Thanks," he smiled back and put the paper in his pocket, "so how late can I call?"

Kendall raised her eyebrow, "you mean, you are actually going to call me?"

"No, I got your number for the hell of it," he said sarcastically and smiled. She laughed.

"Well, I didn't think you would!," she laughed.

"Well, I'm going to, so what time?," he asked.

"Oh geez...,"she though a moment, "anytime between 10 and 9."

There was a horn honk in the background. It was the van.

Dave smiled, "I have to go, but I'll call you when I get home!"

She walked him to the door and watched as he walked out to the van. Before he got in, he turned and waved to her. She waved back and watched the van pull away and disappear around the corner. Chuckling to herself, she shut the door.

"Stupid rock stars, toying with fans hearts. Good thing I didn't give him my number," she mumbled walking back into the kitchen to finish her breakfast.