1: seizing the moment

"Dave, I don't think we can keep going out like this," Matoya Johnson forced out. Dave almost dropped the phone. This can't be happening...,he thought. Clint ran behind him, knocking him into the phone.

"Come on man! The show is going to start!," he called over his shoulder walking towards the wardrobe room. Dave turned his back to him and covered his right ear, trying to block out the screams of the fans in the amphitheater.

"Wha?,"he managed. He felt like the world was spinning. He sat down in the chair.

"Dave, I never see you anymore! You are always on tour! And you know how much I love you, but I can't keep going on like this! I feel weird going out with Tara and Hilary and not being able to have fun and hang with guys because I know I have a boyfriend! I can't just put my life on hold because you are away I can't live like this, it is insane!," she became hysterical.

Dave could listen to it anymore. In a daze, he set the phone back down in the cradle and got up. It had happened. The thing Dave had dreaded since the day the touring started. He had lost the one love of his life. Would there be another? He didn't know. He thought Matoya was the one. They had know each other forever and a day, but maybe it wasn't forever. Maybe when he came home they could work it out. But this was Matoya were talking about. The most stubborn girl he had ever met. Oh god,this is happening he thought. No longer would he be calling her before every concert to tell her how much he loved her, or sending her flowers to tell her how much he missed her.

"This sucks," he mumbled walking towards the wardrobe room. Bob came running out, smacking right into him.

"There you are! The show is going to start! Come on!!!," he grabbed Dave's hand and dragged him through the wardrobe room and out onto the stage. He quickly walked over to his spot. On the other side of the curtain that hung before him, was a screaming mob of fans. They were at the Key Arena in Seattle and earlier, mobs of girls had mobbed the merchandise stands and gates, screaming for the four brothers.

"Yo Dave," Bob called from behind the drums. Dave, still in a daze, continued to stare at the floor. Scott walked over to him. He took Dave's hands and placed them on the keyboard. He rested his hands on Dave's shoulder.

"Wake up man!," he said. Dave looked up at him. He looked concerned, "you okay?"

Dave nodded, "oh yeah, I'm fine..."

"Alright then!," Dave gave him a smile and turned to the other two, "lets rock!"

Scott quickly broke into the opening chords of "Until You Loved Me." The curtain fell and the crowd roared. Girls jumping around waving signs in the air, people dancing in the aisle. All things Dave had seen before, but now seemed so different. He pushed the picture of Matoya out of his head, and slowly picked up into the song. As he got into it, all the problems seemed to fade away. Maybe being single wouldn't be that bad.


As Dave belted out the last chord's of "Love" and ran his hands through his short hair, he turned and smiled at his brothers. He turned and swept his gaze over the crowded amphitheater. He looked over at that girl he kept looking at all night. She was tying her shoe and talking to the girl beside her. Dave stood there, just watching her, she not even aware of it.

"Dude Dave, I don't know what is with you tonight. Shows over man, come on!," Bob told him quickly making him walk off the stage. He managed to get Dave off the stage before the mobs of screaming girls made there way to the front. Dave stopped and peered out the heavy black curtains. He watched as the girl and her friend managed to wriggle their way free of the screaming girls and head for the back. Seizing the moment, Dave ran backstage. He grabbed his hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sunglasses and quickly put them on. Before answering his brothers questions, he ran out the back door and towards the front of the arena. He knew he was taking a major risk by going out here without telling anyone or getting security, but like anyone could understand what was going on through his head. It was some weird instinct thing going. Never before had he ver made the effort to talk to a fan. Not like he didn't want to, but he had never taken part in which fan he got to talk to. If he did get to talk to them. All that he and his brothers did was have time to say ‘hello' ‘goodbye' and sign autographs. As Dave rounded the corner, light struck his eyes. Girls stood everywhere on the curb waiting for their rides to come. Mobs of girls. He would never be able to find her.

"Great," he mumbled and turned around and headed back for the backdoor, "so much for seizing the moment."

He shoved his hands in his pockets an kicked a few pebbles that lay scattered between him and the back door. Boisterous laughter made him jump. He quickly hid behind a bush and crouched down. With his luck, the girl and her friend were heading his way. They were laughing and singing "Yeah Yeah" and laughing some more. They stopped a foot from the bush as the girl dug around in her back pack for her keys.

"Ah ha! Here they are!," she smiled triumphantly, pulling some keys from her back pack. A wallet slipped out a fell to the ground. Going unnoticed, she turned to her friend, "lets go get something to eat, I'm famished!"

The other girl agreed and they walked to a Honda Accord parked back by the door. When they were in the car and it was started, Dave climbed out from behind the bush and grabbed the wallet up from the ground. Thinking he should run after the car and give it to her, he looked up. The car was already halfway across the parking. Smiling, he threw it into the air and caught it.

"Time to seize the moment," he chuckled and walked quickly to the back door.

2: so we meet