Chapter Three

"Oh geez Josie! You look beautiful!," Cara exclaimed as her best friend emerged from the store dressing room. She was cloaked in a dark blue silk princess dress. The back was low, but laced with a thin strap of the same color and fabric. The straps were as thin as the back strap. Josie turned so Cara could get the full effect. Cara just smiled and chuckled, "if I didn't know you as well as I did, I would say you were a member of the slut pack."

Josie wrinkled her nose, "well, if you put it that way..."

She headed back into the dressing room.

"Wait!," Cara called. Josie stopped and turned around. Cara smiled, "you look beautiful. I wouldn't blame you for wanting to go."

Josie smiled and walked back into the dressing room, "you know Cara, nothing is stopping you either."

Cara rolled her eyes. Me and my big mouth...., she thought with a smirk, "I know. Social things just aren't my thing. That's all."

Joise emerged from the dressing room, this time dressed in her street clothes. She had hung her dress back up on the "HOLD" rack in the back of the dressing room, "what? Can't find a dress?"

"Yeah, well, that too. But I would rather do something productive with my time then spend three hours looking for a dress, " Cara explained, following Josie back into the main section of the store. She notice the guys across the mall in the skate shop. She saw Dave trying out a skateboard on the carpet of the store. Danny and Mike were talking to him. Josie walked over to a rack of dress.

"What if I told you if I had one picked out for you already?," she asked pulling a dress off the rack.

"Huh?," Cara asked, ripping her eyes off of Dave. She noticed a slinky red dress in her arm. Cara's eyes grew wide, "oh no you don't!"

"Aw Care Bear! At least go try it on!," Josie laughed, outstrecting it to her. Cara picked it up and surveyed it. It looked normal.

"I don't know....," she trailed off.

"Come on! The guys aren't here! And I won't tell them you had a streak of girlishness! I promise!," Josie swore, but more like begged Cara. Cara sighed.

"Alright, I will go try it on," Cara gave in, heading back for the dressing rooms. She heard Josie sigh in relief as she locked the door. Slipping out of her cargo pants and tank top, she slipped the red satin fabric over her head. Oddly enough, the dress fit her perfectly. For once, she liked looking at her reflection. The dress was long and red. The hem of it spread out around her at the floor, making it look as if she were on a stand. It had spaghetti straps that were really tiny rhinestones. Her slightly curly purplish-brown hair cascaded down her back, falling inches above her hidden waist. Cara couldn't believe her eyes. This couldn't be her. She had always been so chunky, but, not now. Smoothing out the front of the dress, she unlocked the dressing room door and walked out into the hallway.

"Hey Josie? You won't believe this-," she turned to walk out and saw all the guys and Josie standing there. All of their mouths were hanging open at the sight of Cara, wearing a dress. Cara's face turned red and she jumped back into the dressing room.

"What! Cara! Come back out!," she heard Josie call. Cara poked her head out into the hallway. Seeing as if everyone wanted to see her, she took another reluctant step and was back in the hallway.

"You look....simply gorgeous....," she heard Dave mutter, a bit in awe. Her cheeks rapidly became the identical color of the dress.

"Now that," Josie began, pointing to the dress, "is your reason to go to the dance."

Cara smiled a weak smile, "I'm going to go change now."

She rushed into the dressing room and was changing in a matter of seconds.

Cara stared at her Trigonometry homework until the page began to blur and spin. She looked up and cast a lazy look around the room. It was the Monday after the mall incident and Cara was exhausted. Josie had convinced her to put the dress on hold, so she had. Josie and Cara left the guys and headed to Cara's, for Josie was going to work on a History Honors project. Being the big mouth she is, Josie "accidently" told Cara's mom that she was considering going to the dance. After Josie had left, Cara and her mother had spent all night looking through magazines for pictures of hair styles and other miscellaneous and stupid useless things. Cara had ended up falling asleep on the couch. Somewhere in the distance, Cara heard a sound that sounded like the bell. All of a sudden, everyone around her was moving around and walking out the classroom door. Grabbing her ‘Dickies' bag and her Trig. Book, she headed out of the classroom and down the hall to her locker. As she rounded the corner, she saw that Josie was already there. She shared a locker with Josie and she was only two doors down from it, so she always got there first.

"Hey Jo-Jo," Cara smiled as she walked up to her friend.

Josie laughed and looked at her best friend, "you're in a good mood today."

"Am I?," Cara asked, putting some books in the tiny locker.

"Yes! You are never this happy!," Josie laughed, grabbing her lunch from the locker.

"I dunno, I guess last night when my mom was showing me all that stuff for the dance, I got a little excited."

"Lord forbid!," Josie gasped. Cara laughed and playfully punched her. Grabbing her lunch, she slammed the locked door shut and the two headed off for the place they ate lunch.

"So, does that mean you are entertaining the idea?," Josie asked, glancing over at Cara. Cara shrugged.

"I would need a date," she mumbled.

"How about Travis? You know he would take you."

Cara wrinkled her nose, "I know. But, I would rather go with someone I had, well, feelings for. You know?"

"Oh God. First Cara wants to go to a dance, now she wants a boyfriend," Josie laughed sarcastically.

"Shut up you dork!," Cara laughed with her.

"Make me punk!," she retorted. The two busted up at the memory of an old inside joke. They rounded the last corner and came smack face-to-face with her twin, Chrissy. Standing on either side of her was a member of the SP.

"Hey Chris," Cara mumbled. Chrissy glared at her.

"How could you!," she asked, her voice rising.

"Huh?," Cara asked, startled by her sister's sudden outburst. Chrissy's glare deepened, the to SP members did the same.

"Don't play dumb Cara!," she growled.

"What the hell are you talking about?," Cara asked, feeling left in the dark. She glanced over at Josie. She shrugged.

"Don't give me that innocent confused look! You knew how much this meant to me! How could you do this!!!!," Chrissy lashed.

"Chris! What the hell are you talking about?!? How could I do what?!?," Cara yelled.

"THIS!!!!!!," Chrissy frantically pulled a folded lime green flyer from her pocket and violently thrust towards her sister. Cara took it and unfolded it. Her face grew white at the contents of the slip.

"What? What is it?," Josie asked, glancing over Cara's shoulders and reading the flyer:

Vote 4 Cara Henderson

For Junior Homecoming Queen

She is the "good" twin

"Where did you get this?," Cara demanded after she finished reading it.

"They are all over the school Cara!," Chrissy cried. Cara looked around and sure enough, she could see it littered with bright green flyers.

"Oh my...," she trailed off.

"I swear Cara! If you don't back out...I'll....I'll," Chrissy began.

"You'll what? Beat her with your pom-poms?," Josie quipped. Chrissy let our a shrill shriek and stormed off, the two suck ups trailing close behind. Cara surveyed the school and saw everyone reading the fliers and smiling. She just stood there...and wondered:

Who they hell would nominate me?!?

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