Cara hopped off her skateboard and carried it into ‘Joe's Java House'. Spotting her group in their usual back table, she walked back to sit down. Their group was small, and they all liked it that way. There was Cara, her best friend Josie, Danny, Mike, and Travis.

"Hey Care Bear, what's up?," Travis asked as Cara slid into the booth next to Danny. Travis had a crush on Cara. Everyone knew that, including Cara. He was cute. Short brown hair and those goofy green eyes. He was a clown and the life of any party, but he was Cara's friend and he knew that was all he would ever be to her. Josie and Mike had been going out for the last year and a half. They were a great couple. Josie had short blond hair that hung just below her ears. Her eyes were an unusual dark blue/green. Mike had a shaved head, although, his normally red hair was beginning to grow. He complained about needing a haircut, but never got around to getting one. He looked like a leprechaun. He had green eyes and freckles everywhere. Danny was Travis's younger brother. He and Cara were very close, and Cara often felt ‘more than friends' feelings for him, but had always ignored them. They talked a lot and about everything and anything. He was nice. He had the same green eyes as his brother, but had recently dyed his hair purple and spiked it. Cara and Danny had dyed each others hair. Cara's mother hadn't even noticed. Or if she had, she hadn't said anything. Both her parents have been letting her and her sister act out individually after their last family therapy session. Cara didn't mind though. It just meant she got to do what she pleased.

"Well, Prissy found a new victim," she laughed setting her board under her feet. The other four groaned in unison. They all despised Chrissy as much as Cara did. Chrissy and her cheerleading friends were always making fun of Cara and her group. Calling them the "Scum of Victoria High." That's okay. They called them the "slut pack" and often went to the football games just to throw food at them. It was a blast.

"Hey guys, do you mind if my cousin comes and hangs out with us?," Mike asked taking a sip of his coke. The other four groaned in unison again. Mike laughed, "oh no! Not Kim!"

The four sighed. Kim had hung out with them for a week and seemed more likely to get along with Chrissy and the SP. She and Cara had gotten in a huge fight when she had said something about how tacky her hair looked. Cara was about to deck her when Danny had stopped her.

"So then who?," Danny asked in his normally deep, quiet voice.

"He's cool. You guy will like him. His best friend is out of town and he doesn't want to hang with his brothers, so I said he could hang with us. Hey! There he is. Dave! Over here!!," he called to someone who had just walked in the door. Cara glanced over and saw the guy who had picked her sister up last night.

"Oh no," she whispered.

"What?," Danny asked glancing over at her.

"That was Prissy's date last night," she whispered to him.

"Oh?," Danny asked rasing his eyebrow and looking Dave over. Stumbling over a chair, Dave sheepishly made his way through the crowded café and over to their table. The rest of the group eyed him suspiciously as he sat down in a chair next to Travis. His grinning eyes scanned the table, glancing at everyone's faces. His eyes rested on Cara's. His grin seemed to brighten.

"Hey, aren't you Chrissy's sister?," he asked.

"Ouh...," the phrase echoed from the other four's mouths. Cara clenched her teeth together and took a deep breath. Smirking she looked over at Dave.

"My name is Cara and I don't like to be referred to as ‘Chrissy's sister' unless you would like to be referred to as ‘Fat Lip'," she smirked.

"Uh...okay," Dave said confused. Cara looked away and concentrated on her Sobe that had been brought to her.

"So are we going to grace the school and make an appearance at the Homecoming dance this year?," Travis asked slowly working his eyes over to Cara. She was drumming on the table.

"Why? It's just like any other dance they have ever had. No change. Just a bunch of losers in formals," Danny stated bluntly. Cara chuckled.

"Chrissy is up for Junior Homecoming Queen," she said wrinkling her nose.

"Did anyone nominate you?," Dave asked from his seat at the end of the table. Cara looked over at him. She raised her eyebrow.

"Why would anyone do that? I'm not as popular as Prissy," she said cooly, taking a sip of her cold drink. The rest of the gang began to talk about the stunt Travis pulled in Mr. Hicks Biology class on Friday.

"But you are just as pretty, if not more," he whispered. Cara heard him. She felt her fac begin to flush and looked around the table to see if anyone else had noticed. No one had. Sighing in relief, Cara jumped into the conversation.

"So are we going to all go?," Travis asked again, bringing up the same question.

Cara set her Sobe down, "I'm not."

Travis looked disappointed.

"Well, I kinda want to go," Mike said looking over at Josie. She smiled.

"Me too," she replied. Cara rolled her eyes. What love can do, she thought with a sarcastic grin. Josie looked over at Cara, "that reminds me! I saw this dress the other day and I wanted you to come and look at it. I want your opinion."

Cara laughed, "okay. How about tomorrow?"

"What's wrong with today?," Dave asked. No one said anything. Mike spoke first.

"Nothing. Do you guys want to head over to the mall?," he suggested.

"Why not," Cara said pulling her skateboard out from under her feet.

"Cool board," Dave commented at the artistic drawings at the bottom of the board, "where did you get that done?"

"I did it myself," she answered getting up so Danny could slid out.

"That's really good," he said with a smile.

"Thanks," she said following the rest of the group. They paid for their drinks and headed for the door.

"So why is it you don't go to dances?," Dave asked as the rest of the group gathered outside.

Cara shrugged, "it's not my thing. It's more Chrissy's."

Dave smirked, "does that mean you can never get a date?"

Cara's gaze turned from friendly to dead cold, "drop dead asshole."

With that she walked to the front of the group and started talking to Danny. Travis laughed.

"I was only joking!," Dave called after her. She raised her hand a flipped him off. Travis laughed harder.

"Tough bitch, ain't she?," he said following the group. Mike stopped, his arm draped lovingly around Josie's shoulders.

"You coming cuz?," he asked. Dave sighed and nodded. Effortlessly shoving his hands in his pockets, he followed the group in silence.

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