Chapter One

"I did it!!," Chrissy celebrated triumphantly as she barged into her twin sister, Cara's room.

"Did what?," Cara asked not looking up from the book she was reading for her English Honors class.

"I got a date with Dave Moffatt!!," she grinned falling back on the end of Cara's bed. Cara shifted with her sisters added weight to her bed, turned the page in her book and kept reading. Chrissy stared at her sister, waiting for some type of reaction. Sighing with impatience she got up.

"Congratulations Chrissy, Way to go Chrissy," she filled the quiet room with the phrases she had waited for her sister to say. Taking off her glasses and rubbing her weary eyes, Cara glanced up at her sister.

"Good for you," she murmured slipping her glasses back on and looking back down at the page.

"That's it?," Chrissy asked, slightly shocked by her sisters smugness.

"Is what it?," Cara asked continuing to read her book. Chrissy grabbed the book out of her sister's frail hands.

"Hey! That's mine!," Cara protested jumping up and reaching for her book.

"Say your happy for me," Chrissy said with a smirk, hiding the book behind her back.

"I'm happy for you, now give me back my book," Cara spat resting her hands on her hips.

"What did I do that made you happy?," Chrissy asked knowing her sister hadn't been listening earlier and probably didn't know.

"I dunno! Did you get another date or something?," Cara asked lunging for her book and successfully grabbing it from her sisters clenched hands.

Chrissy smiled. She got some of it.

"Yes. I did. And guess who?," she couldn't help but contain her joy.

"Um...Taylor Hanson?," Cara didn't really care. Chrissy was always getting dates with guys. It was nothing new.

"No silly! Dave Moffatt!!!," she squealed.

"Lucky you," Cara mumbled trying to find out where she left off in the book.

"I know! I'm so excited!," Chrissy chirped, not picking up on her sisters sarcasm, "we are going out tonight to a movie at 7 and then dinner! Oh my! I have to go pick out something to wear!"

Without saying good-bye, she ran out of her sisters room and across the hall to her own. Cara didn't notice. In fact, 15 minutes went by before Cara caught on to the silence in her room and looked around. Sighing she set the book down and got up. Glancing over at her mirror, she grimaced. Her and Chrissy were twins. Cara hated being a twin. When she had turned 14 (along with Chrissy) she had streaked her thick long brown hair purple and blonde. Chrissy had short bobbed brown hair that she left the natural color. The only natural difference there was between them was Chrissy had blue eyes and Cara ha d brown. Chrissy was the outgoing child. She was Ms. Popular. She was a skinny, big chested, vision. All the guys wanted her. Her freshman year she had made the Varsity Cheerleading team. She was always coming to Cara for help on her homework, and if it wasn't for her, Chrissy would have had to hang up her beloved pom-poms. Cara was the bookworm. She wasn't as skinny as Chrissy and didn't socialize as much as her. She played soccer and was on the high school swim team. She got straight A's and hung out in her 5 people group. She liked her life though. She hadn't had 15 boyfriends her freshman year, unlike another girl that shared her life. She had never had one, and liked it that way. The one thing she really hated was being called "Chrissy Henderson's sister." Cara's bedroom door burst open.

"Cara, do you have my blue halter top?," Chrissy asked walking towards Cara's closet.

"Why would I walk around in that skanky thing?," Cara asked disgusted by the thought. She liked her skater/punk look. Compared to her sister's "I'm a hoochie, love me" look. Chrissy turned around and looked Cara over. She was wearing a Blink 182 shirt, flannel pants and socks. She bit her lip.

"You aren't going to wear that when he comes to pick me up, are you?," she asked. Cara rolled her eyes.

"You are so unbelievable Chrissy," Cara mumbled. She has no respect for me, she thought with a sigh. Grabbing her book, she stormed out of her room and down the stairs. Glancing at the clock, she noticed it was 6:30. That meant Chrissy's next victim would be here soon. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a can of pineapple and a fork. She opened the can and walked back out into the living room. Switching on the t.v, she scanned it for anything good. She spotted ‘Say What Karaoke' and stopped. In the background she heard the doorbell ring.

"Cara!!," Chrissy called from upstairs.

Cara ignored her and watched as 2 pathetic girls sang Nsync totally off key. Cara stabbed a slice of pineapple and bit into it. The doorbell rang again.

"CARA!!!! GET THE DOOR!!!," Chrissy yelled again. Cara rolled her eyes.

"Come in!," she yelled, her mouth full of pineapple. She heard the door open, but didn't take her eyes off the television. She smirked to herself as the total for the two girls came up. 10. She laughed out loud. That was hilarious.

"Hi, is Chrissy home?," a voice asked from behind her.

"Hey. Yeah she is upstairs," Cara mumbled waving her hand towards the stairs. She popped another piece of pineapple into her mouth.

"Dave! I'll be right down. Hold on," Chrissy called from upstairs.

"No problem. I can wait," he called up to her

"Whopsh," Cara snickered as she mimicked a whip. She had to hand it to her sister. She could put any guy in her trance.

"Pardon?," Dave asked. At this point, Cara still hadn't glanced his way.

"Oh, nothing," she glanced over at him. She smirked. Laughing she glanced over at the t.v.. The show was over. Cara turned the t.v. off and tossed the remote on the chair next to her. Turning around, she looked at Dave, "so why are you going on a date with Chris?"

Dave seemed to think for a moment, "she seems nice."

Cara scoffed,"appearance isn't everything."

"Dave! Thank you so much for waiting!," Chrissy exclaimed running down the stairs. She was wearing white shorts and her baby blue halter top that showed off her great tan. Cara rolled her eyes and turned back to the black t.v.. She grabbed the remote and turned it on.

"Ready to go?," he asked smiling at her.

"Sure am," she said, flashing him one of her seductive smile.

"Alright lets go," Dave smiled.

Chrissy turned to Cara, "Cara, tell mom and dad I went out with friends and will be home later."

"It was nice meeting you," Dave called as Chrissy rushed him to the door. Cara raised her hand and in a shoeing motion, she waved good-bye, not lifting her eyes from Daria.

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