chapter one

"Two cups of flour...1 cup sugar..," Corey trailed off reading the recipe of the cookies out of the book. Confused, Scott frantically looked between the two white containers. Corey tucked a piece of her brown hair that had fallen loose from her french braid behind her ear. She looked up at Scott and laughed at him. He looked so funny. Corey had convinced him to help her make cookies for the Children's shelter Easter Party. He had his hair pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. He was wearing a yellow t-shirt and jean shorts. Over them was a white apron. He had flour on his nose and cheek and some in his hair. He looked up at her and smiled.

"I don't see you doing any of the work," he said placing his hands on his hips. Corey tried not to laugh.

"That is because I am reading the recipe!," she smiled at him.

"I can do that!," he laughed reaching for the book. Corey laughed and pulled it away from him.

"No you can't I am," she grinned. She looked back down at the page, "5 eggs...1/4 cup of baking soda...-"

She was cut off when flour hit her perfectly spotless face. Well, it wasn't spotless anymore. She looked up at Scott who tried not to laugh.

"Did you see that?!? That big gust of wind that came blowing through and it just picked up the flour and POOF!," he said taking a handful of flour and throwing it in her face. Corey cracked up and wiped the powder from her eyes.

"That's it..," she picked up a handful of flour and threw it at him. He picked up the bucket and poured it over her head, "AH! Scott! You are going to die!"

She chased him out of the her kitchen and into the backyard. He laughed and ran around the side of the yard and ducked inside her sister's playhouse. He blocked the small door with the chair and looked out a hole in the wall. She was looking around the big backyard for him. He smiled at her. He had known Corey since the two were in diapers. They had grown up down the street from each other and were each others best friends. But two years ago, on her 14th birthday, their friend Cassie suggested they play ‘Spin the Bottle.' Like you predicted, Scott got Corey. That kiss had changed his whole perspective of their friendship. Did he regret the kiss? No, because if he hadn't kissed her, he would have never felt this great feeling. But he was more than sure that the kiss was just another kiss. Scott didn't know what to do with these feelings. He couldn't tell her, he didn't want it to ruin what they had. But if he didn't get rid of them soon, he would have an emotion overload. The quietness sent a chill up his spine. He looked back out the hole. He didn't see her. He quietly crept out of the playhouse and down the side yard. He walked past the patio, his back turned to the row of trees.

"Gotcha!," she cried jumping on him. They both fell to the soft grass in laughter. At this rate, the cookies would never get done.


"See, now aren't you glad we came?," Corey asked smiling and looking out at the field. Little kids with Easter baskets ran around picking up little plastic eggs filled with candies and change.

"Oh yeah, maybe if you aren't in the bunny suit!," Scott exclaimed. Corey looked over at him and laughed. He was dressed in a white bunny costume. The fake head and all. He was clutching a basket full of candy.

"But you look so cute!," she said trying to contain her laughter.

"Oh bite me!," he grumbled looking back over the field.

"Be happy! Your the Easter bunny!," she grinned.

"Corey!," a voice called from behind them. They both turned around to see a woman in her 40's walking up to him. With her was a boy around their age.

"Mrs. Harrison! Hello!," Corey smiled. Mr. Harrison stopped and surveyed the field.

"Well, you have done a fine job organizing this! And you found someone to fit in the bunny suit!," she exclaimed looking over towards Scott. Corey laughed.

"Yeah. Mrs. Harrison, this is my best friend Scott Moffatt. He is in there....somewhere," they all laughed.

"Corey darling, I want you to meet my nephew, Bernard. He is visiting from Paris," she smiled gesturing to the boy standing beside her. He stepped up and smiled at her. He was a little taller than her with short brown hair. He had warm brown eyes and a dark tan. He was wearing khaki slacks and a blue polo shirt. Talk about Prince Charming.

"Nice to meet you Bernard. I'm Corey," she stuck out her hand to shake his. He took her hand and brought it to his mouth. Very carefully he kissed it lightly, glancing up to see her reaction. Corey felt her heart beat quicken.

"It is always nice to meet a beautiful girl," he said in a thich French accent. Scott felt his face growing red with anger.

"What a charmer!," Mrs. Harrison smiled, "well, I need to go check up on some stuff. I will see you later. Bye!"

She waved to them and walked away. Scott took off the fake bunny head and held out his hand.

"I'm Scott, Corey's best friend," he said.

Bernard took a minute to look Scott over. He looked up at him, a cocky smile playing his lips. He shook his hand, "I'm charmed..."

Scott had a stern look on his face. Corey looked between the two of them. Scott looked between the two.

"Bernard, why don't I show you around," she offered taking his other hand, she turned to Scott, "and you, put that head back on before the kids see."

She took Bernard's hand and began to lead him away. He stopped and turned around to face Scott, "nice to meet you Mr. Bunny."

Scott watched him turn around and walk away with Corey. Scott threw the basket of candy on the ground and grumpily stormed away.

chapter two