2: the fear

"Look out!," Clint yelled. But it was to late. He smacked up against Becka and into the wall of the ice skating rink, both of them falling on the cold ice shavings.

"Ow," Becka laughed. She looked up at Clint, who had pushed himself off her.

"Sorry about that," he smiled. Staring into her warm eyes, a powerful sensation surged through him. He felt a tremendous urged to kiss her. She was so...different. If you were to see her walking down the street, you would think: Manson Freak. Cold, distant, scary. But if you talked to her you would think: Hanson Freak. Warm, social, happy. She looked up at him and smiled. It seemed as if, she wanted him to kiss her too. Taking the surge seriously, he began to lean forward. Moments before their lips would touch, a spray of cold ice hit their flushed cheeks. Clint quickly pulled away and looked up. Danielle was standing there, her arms folded across her chest. Daniel, cautiously trying to catch up.

"I'll race yah," she challenged.

Clint got up and held out his hand for Becka to grab, "nah Danielle, I think I'll pass on this one."

"Fine," she snapped. Giving Becka one last glare, she started skating off.

"Hmm, I'll take a wild guess that she doesn't like me," Becka laughed as her and Clint began to skate around again.

"Give her time, she will come around," he smiled.

"Uh huh,"she laughed.

"So, how was your life back home?," he asked her.

She shrugged, "same as any normal family."

Clint looked over at her, "why did you move here?"

Becka thought a moment, as if looking for an excuse, "my dad wanted to. That's all."

Acting satisfied with her answer, Clint nodded. Looking around, he saw that the local Pee-Wee hockey team was starting to warm up, "hey, looks as if PW is about to start. Want me to walk you home?"

Becka looked around, "uh..I dunno."

"Oh," Clint mumbled, thrown slightly off guard. Becka looked back up at him. This is not going to control my new life, she thought with a satisfied smile.

"On second thought, yeah, you can," she smiled.

Clint's eyes seemed to light up as he smiled, "great!"

Becka smiled on the outside as her mind began to churn with questions. They skated to the door leading out of the rink. They sat down on the bench and took off their skates and slipped on the shoes.

"Where did you move to?," Clint asked slipping on his last shoe.

"Over by Gilroy Park," Becka replied lacing her boot.

"That's not far from my house!," Clint exclaimed, "only about 3 blocks."

Becka smiled, "good. Now I will have a friend that lives close by."

Clint smiled, "ready to go?"

Becka grabbed her skates and headed for the turn in desk, "yeah."

Clint grabbed his skates and turned them also. Without saying good-bye to Danielle or Daniel, the walked out the door.

"Whoa! Major climate change!," Becka laughed as they walked out of 70 degree cold to easily, 98 degrees. Clint chuckled.

"Yeah, it's a lot to acclimate to, but you get used to it after a while," he explained

"I guess so. It was never this cold in Palo Alto," she laughed. Clint stopped smiling for a second and thought.

"I thought you said you were from Brooklyn," he inquired, remembering their earlier conversation.

Caught like a deer in headlights, Becka frantically scanned her mind for a good answer. Thinking of one, she cleared her throat, "well, Palo Alto is a small community in Brooklyn."

Clint looked at her wearily but disregarded his suspicions. The walked in an awkward silence the four blocks to Gilroy Park.

"That's my house," she smiled pointing to a quaint two story white house with blue trimming. The yard was green and well kept. A woman was out front gardening and a little boy ran around the front yard playing with a golden retriever.

"Kimberly! Your home!," the lady exclaimed with a smile as Becka and Clint walked across the front lawn. Clint paused for a second. This is getting way to weird,,he thought.

"Hey mom, this is Clint. Clint this is my mom. Bye mom," Becka grabbed Clint's hand and pulled him into the house.

"Becka, why did she call you Kimberly?," Clint asked, getting more confused by the minute. Once again Becka began racking her mind for an answer.

"Kimberly is my first name. Becka is my middle. I like it better, so I go by it," she smiled.

"I see," Clint smiled. Becka led him upstairs and to the end of the hall. The entered a fairly large room. It had a bed, dresser, computer, desk, and shelves. The thing that was odd, was that it was all new. There weren't any posters on the wall, or anything that would make you think that this was a teenager's room. Let alone one of Becka's character.

"Hold on, I'll be right back," she motioned for Clint to take a seat, and walked to the end of the hall and down the stairs. Clint looked around the room. Something was really wrong. He got up and walked over to the closet. Sliding the door quietly open, he peered in, it was empty.

"What the?," he muttered. He closed the door and walked over to the dresser drawers. Opening them one by one, he found them all empty as well. What the hell is going on? Who the hell is this girl?, Clint wondered. Fear began to build up inside him. He had to get out of here. Whirling around, he ran for the door. Freezing in his tracks, he saw Becka standing in the door way. Twirling a steak knife in her hand, she eyed him cooly.

"Leaving so soon?"