"Guys, I can't do this! I'm shaking like a bloody earthquake!," Kylie whispered. Tabitha and Emma paid no attention to her. Still grasping both of her hands, they dragged her through the crowded lobby.

"Guys! I can't do this!," Kylie screamed, slamming her feet into the ground. Emma and Tabitha turned around to face her. They sighed.

"Ky, we went over this this morning. Clint wants you to come! If he didn't, he would not have made the trouble to find you! You don't want to let him down, do you?," Tabitha asked.

Kylie pouted.

"Can I at least go to the bathroom first? I don't feel so good," Kylie muttered already heading for the bathroom.

"Great, she is going to get sick and then met the love of her life," she heard Emma mumble. Pushing the heavy door open, Kylie made her way over to the sink. The Pavilion was filling up quickly and anxious girls were chattering away in the bathroom and fixing their make-up. Kylie gripped the backstage pass that hung around her neck and squeezed between two girls. Staring at her reflection, a smile escaped her lips. She looked like a girl. Compared to her tomboyish look. Her normally curly hair was straightened and hung thick and far down her back. The Hawaiian dress dropped 6 inches above her knees. Tabitha and Emma had spent all morning getting her ready. The hair, the make-up. Kylie wrinkled her nose. Grabbing a paper towel, she began to wipe of her eye make-up and the lipstick. Leaving the mascara on, she took out her chapstick and ran it across her rose-stained lips.

"Is that...is that a backstage pass?!?," a girl asked, gaping at the pass that hung around Kylie's neck. Kylie stop mid-way of putting her chapstick. Girls began to whisper and surround her. Kylie tried slipping over to the door, but it was blocked by a group of girls.

"Uh...no...it's a...it's a neck thing they were selling at the merchandise stand," she lied.

"Is not," a girl spoke up, "I just came from there. There was nothing like that!"

Kylie's heartbeat began to quicken.

"Out of my way!," a voice cried from behind the crowd. Girls quickly parted as three girls sauntered up to Kylie. The one in front Kylie, could tell, was the ring leader. Her hair was long a blonde, pulled back into two perfect french braids. She was wearing a quite fitting baby blue tube top and khaki shorts. She looked Kylie up and down and sneered.

"Give it to me," she demanded sticking out her hand. Kylie, in all her fright, laughed.

"You're joking, right?," she managed. The girl raised her eyebrow and thrusted her hand out to grab it. Kylie jumped back.

"Give it to me!," she snarled, "beautiful girls like me deserve to meet the Moffatts, not an ugly skank like you!"

The people had moved from the door and Kylie took this perfect opportunity to run. Leaping for the door, she swung it opened and ran into the crowded lobby. Spotting Tabitha and Emma, she ran to them. When she ran up to them, all they could do was stare at her.

"We...got...,"she began, her voice fighting for air.

"What the hell?," Tabitha asked confused.

"We got to what?!?," Emma asked, slightly amused. Kylie stood back up and looked towards the bathroom. The blonde and her two friends stood outside, scanning the fans for Kylie's face. The blonde spotted her. Pointing Kylie out to her friends, Kylie could see her lips mouth ‘get her'.

"RUN!!!!!!!," she yelled. Grabbing her two friends wrist, the took off, dodging fans and security guards. The rounded the far corner and the stopped to catch the breath.

"Why...on earth...are we...-," Emma spotted three girls come around the corner.

"There they are!!," on of them shouted.

"Oh no! RUN!!!,"Kylie yelled to her friends. Taking off up the stairs, with her two friends closely behind, Kylie opened a door to a room and pushed her two friends into it. Slamming the door behind her, she held her breath and her ear against the door. She heard the rushed footsteps and screams of the fans pass and die out. When she thought it was safe, Kylie opened the door and peered around. Making sure no one was there, she slipped into the corridor.

"Coast is clear," she whispered. Emma and Tabitha stepped out and cautiously looked around. Once they assured themselves that no one was around ,they headed for the VIP room.

"Now, humor me, why were those girls chasing us?," Emma asked.

Kylie took a deep breath and ran her slender fingers through her straightened brown hair.

"I saw them in the bathroom They saw that I had a backstage pass and well, the wanted it," she explained, trying to sooth her quavering voice.

"Ky, why did you take off your make-up? You looked so pretty," Tabitha exclaimed, noticing her friend's natural complexion.

Kylie shrugged, "it was uncomfortable."

The three laughed as they spotted the VIP line. A tall black man stood outside in a red ‘STAFF' shirt with a pass around his neck. Kylie froze. This was it. Beyond him was her life. Tabitha and Emma looked at her, concern cluttering their faces.

"Ky, you okay?," Emma asked.

"Um..yeah. I just don't know if I can do this," she whispered. Emma and Tabitha exchanged sympathetic glances. Kylie tried to clear her mind, and maybe find a memory that would calm her butterflies.

"There they are!!!!," a voice screamed from behind the three. Surprised, the three whirled around and saw a mob running for them.

Tabitha turned to Kylie, "looks like you don't have a choice!"

The three took off for the security guard but could hear the group closing in on them. The guard looked confused by the approaching girls. They flashed him their passes and impatiently jumped up and down as he went to untie the chain. They slipped through and ran into the room only moments before the mob approached.

"Stupid teenies!," Emma cursed adjusting her shirt. Kylie laughed. A nervous laugh.

"Don't worry Ky, everything will be fine. I promise!," Tabitha consoled her. Kylie froze as familiar chords filled her ears. It was familiar because she had wrote it. Her and Clint. It was called ‘Insanity' and they had wrote it on a sugar high. Kylie grinned at the memory. She saw a balcony and the seats. Walking forward, she peered down to see Clint fiddling on his bass. Scott was talking to a sound guy and Bob and Dave were involved in an intense game of ‘Rock,Paper,Scissor'. Kylie almost started to cry, but held it back. Emma and Tabitha appeared on either side of her. They both firmly gripped her hands and the three slowly began the walk down the winding staircase that would lead to backstage. A lot was happening backstage. Men were moving the sets around still and hooking things up. To bad those fans will have to wait out there for another 4 hours, Kylie thought. Two men carried a large speaker by them, forcing Kylie to let go of Tabitha's hand. Kylie noticed a black curtain hanging and flapping lightly in the amphitheater's stale breeze. Kylie saw Clint sitting on a stool, not more than 7 feet away from her. She bit her lip nervously

"Watch out!!!," a deep voice called from behind them. A man appeared out of nowhere carrying Dave's keyboard. He ran into Kylie, knocking her out from behind her shelter and into Clint. Everyone was made aware of her appearance. She smiled weakly.

"Uh...hey guys."