"Hey guys, I have something to tell you," Kylie said turning to Emma and Tabitha.

"What Ky?,"Tabitha asked putting price tags on some CD's. Kylie felt the passes in her back pocket and the felt as if they were burning a hole in them. Kylie reached for them.

"Come on Ky! Spit it out!," Emma laughed. Kylie forced a smile and took the passes out of her back pocket. Dangling them in front of them two, she smirked.

"Happy ‘We got backstage to the Moffatts' Day!,"she exclaimed.

"Oh my God!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!,"Tabitha grabbed a pass and looked it over, "you shitting me Ky?"

"Nope, they are the real things!"

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!,"Emma screamed. People in the store began to look over at them.

"How did you get these?," Tabitha asked. Kylie could tell she was near hysteria.

"My Grandma gave them to me for an early birthday gift," she lied. It was funny how neither of them caught onto the fact that her birthday wasn't for another 4 months.

"You know what this means?," Tabitha whispered.

"Nah, what does it?," Kylie asked with a laugh.

"WE ARE GOING TO SEE THE MOFFATTS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,"Tabitha screamed at the top of her lungs.

"NO TABBY, WE ARE GOING TO MEETTHE MOFFATTS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!,"Emma screamed equally loud. Their pitches increased. Kylie laughed.

"I LOVE YOU KYLIE!!!!!!!!!!," Tabitha ran over to her and threw her arms around her. She pulled away quickly, "oh my! I don't have anything to wear!"

"What?!? We went shopping two weeks ago!," Kylie exclaimed, hiding the realization that she didn't have anything either.

"But a week ago, I didn't know I was meeting the Moffatts!"

At the sound of their name, all three squealed. After 5 minutes of fits of giggles, hysteria, and excitement, they had managed to calm down. Some.

"We need to go shopping after work, okay?," Emma suggested.

"Alright!," the three friends agreed, and tried to get back to work.

"Does this make me look fat?," Tabitha asked, walking out of the dressing room. She was wearing tight jeans and a skimpy halter top, that of course, looked marvelous on her. The top was light and dark blue. It really made her eyes look much bluer than they really were. Her blonde hair barely hung over her shoulders. She had curves everywhere a guy wanted them.

"Wow! You look really pretty!," Emma complimented. Tabitha smiled.

"Okay! I'll get them!," she sqealued at her refelction and ran back into the dressing room to change. Emma turned to Kylie, who was off dreaming.

"Yo, Kylie!," she snapped her fingers in front of her face, drawing her from her trance.

"Oh, sorry! I was thinking about when Clint and I-," she said broke off, "opps."

"When you and Clint what? What are you talking about?," Emma asked confused.

"Nothing, it was nothing," she muttered, trying to act as if it was a lie.

"You're lying. You know you are a bad liar Ky. Now tell me!," Emma demanded.

"What are you two squabbling about this time?," Tabitha asked walking out into the store. She had changed back into her softball t-shirt and shorts.

"Ky isn't telling me about Clint. She was dreaming and when I dragged her out, she said she was just think about the time where her and Clint...did something that she isn't telling me!," Emma whined, annoyed with her friend's secretiveness.

"It's nothing! Really!," Kylie insisted.

"I'm not buying it Ky. We are your best friends! You can tell us anything!,"Tabitha coaxed, equally curious. Kylie looked at the pleading faces of her friends.

"Alright. I want no interruptions, okay?"

"Okay!," both of them promised in unison.

"Okay then. Before I moved here, I lived in Victoria, British Columbia. I lived across the street from the Moffatts my whole life and became best friend's with Clint. We were inseperable. After a while, I grew to love him in an affectionate way, not in the "brother" way I had before. When they went on their promo tour, Papa was offered a job out here. We had to move right away. I never was able to say good bye to him or anything. I left him a note telling him my new found feelings and everything else. I never told anyone that I knew them because I didn't want to unbury the feelings and emotions. And I know it sounds stupid, but if you had loved him as much as I did....I just miss him so much!," her voice broke as she felt tears coming to her eyes.

"Oh geez....," Tabitha let out her breath and stepped forward to wrap her arms around Kylie.

"So the tickets?," Emma asked. Kylie stepped back from Tabitha and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I guess when they got here, he looked me up in the phonebook because, one minute the doorbell is ringing and the next, no one is there but an envelope with a letter and the tickets."

"So, you knew them?," Emma asked.

"Yes, I did," Kylie repeated herslef.

"Is Bob single?," Emma couldn't help herself from asking.

Kylie and Tabitha laughed, "yeah, he is. Scott was going out with MaryBeth when I left. And I doubt they broke up, because he loves her a lot."

"So, uh, Dave is avaliable?,"Tabitha questioned, a sly smiled spreading across her face. The three of them laughed.

"So what are you going to wear?," Emma asked as they headed for the front desk.

"Dunno, I'll just pull something out of my closet," she sighed. Tabitha and Emma turned on their heels and stared her straight in the eye.

"Oh no you don't!," Tabitha started.

"You are going to look drop dead gorgeous tomorrow if it is the last thing we do!," Emma finished. Kylie laughed as her two friends grabbed her by the hands and drug her into the dressing room.

"I can't believe I let you guys talk me into buying that," Kylie said, wrinkling her nose at the outfit she was to wear tomorrow. It was a short, halter top, Hawaiian pattern dress. It was blue and sea green, and as Emma and Tabitha said: "really brings out your eyes."

"You are going to look so darling!," Tabitha exclaimed, hanging upside down on her bed. The three had made arangements to sleep over at Tabitha's and leaving from there in the morning.

"What exactly are you two going to do to me?," she asked, slightly nervous. The last time they had done something to her, they had dyed her hair purple. It had just faded to.

"You need shoes! Um...I think I might have some," Tabitha smirked sitting up and running into her walk-in closet. A moment later she appeared with a pair of bamboo sandals. She set them over by the dress," there! That will work!"

"What are you guys going to do with your hair and stuff?," Kylie asked trying to get them off the subject of her.

"We knew what we are doing. But we are focusing on you! We don't have a long loss lover to impress!," Emma told her.

"I guess, you will just have to trust us!," Tabitha laughed.

"Trust? Hah! Hardly!," Kylie laughed. That was the last bit of conversation before the pillow war broke out.