"Clint! Wake up!," Scott yelled shaking his younger brothers shoulders.

"Wha? Huh? Are we there?," Clint yelled waking up and looking around the empty airplane.

"Yes we are! Everyone is waiting for us! Come' on!," Scott said turning to grab his carry-on from above the seats, "I figured you would be the first off considering-"

Scott turned to look at his brother. He was gone.

"I need a phone book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," Clint cried running off the loading plank.

"What for?," Bob asked setting his carry-on down on the ground.

"I need to find her!!!!!!," Clint looked frantically around the airport. He spotted a line of phones against the far wall by the tall windows, "phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Bob turned to Dave, "he is on something. We should have him checked."

Dave laughed.

Clint frantically ran to the line of metal booths. Throwing himself in one, he picked up the phone book. Turning to the "Residence" section, he began shifting through the pages. It seemed like all the pages were sticking together and he couldn't turn them fast enough.

"Kelly.....Kenneth...KIMBLE! There they are. Joseph and Stephanie Kimble. 2015 Willowwood Dr.! Let's go!," he ripped the page out of the phone book and ran back over to his family, "we have to go, NOW!"

"Clint hun, we need to check into the hotel," Sheila began. Clint pouted. He turned to his dad.

"Dad, can you take me, please?," he asked giving him is famous "love me and give me it now!" look. His dad thought a moment.

"Alright, you guys take the charter to the hotel and I'll pick up the rental car and me and Clint will go to Joe's and Steph's," he said setting their luggage on the cart and pulling the rental claim from his pocket.

"THANK YOU DAD!!!!!!!," Clint shouted jumping up on his dad's back and hugging him. His father smiled. Clint jumped down and started running in circles, "I'm gonna go see Kylie, I'm gonna go see Kylie!"

Scott, Bob, and Dave looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Helping Sheila with the carry-on, they headed to the baggage claim.

Clint pulled his father to the Hertz booth set up in the San Francisco International Airport. He impatiently waited while his father talked to the clerk for 10 minutes about insurance, cleaning requirements, how to work it, and finally got the keys. He raced his father to the parking lot and were soon in their Oldsmobile.

"It's got a t.v.!!!!!," Clint exclaimed climbing into the front seat.

"Yeah, but we won't be using it unless you and your brothers can agree on a movie," his dad said pulling out of the 4 level parking lot.

"Pssh! Forget that then. I'll just bring my CD player," he mumbled. Frank laughed.

"So, what city are we going to?," he asked getting on the freeway. Clint pulled the page out of his pocket and looked at her address.

"Palo Alto," he said, butterflies building in his stomach. He had missed Kylie so much. He still couldn't believe that he was gone for 4 months and he came back and POOF!, she was gone! He had so many things to tell her about the letter she had written him. He wondered if she was still the same. If she still had that funny laugh, or if she still hated being bet that she couldn't do something. As he saw a sign letting the drivers know that the exit to Palo Alto was approaching, his palms began to get sweaty. What if her feelings towards him had changed? What if she had a boyfriend? His father pulled off the freeway and onto a side street. He turned to Clint.

"Is that map book over there?," he asked gesturing to the side pocket on Clint's door. Clint looked down and saw it nestled in there. He picked it up and handed it to his father. Frank flipped through it to the index and looked for the street. He flipped back to the map and located the street, "wow, we are like, 5 blocks away."

He handed the book back to Clint and he stuck it in the door pocket. Pulling away from the curb, his dad continued down the street, turning onto a couple more. Finally they pulled onto Willowwood.

"2011...2013....2015..there it is," his father stopped in front of the house. It was quaint. A small white house with blue trimming. The front yard was alive with a colorful aray of flowers. There was a huge oak tree in the middle of the yard that sent a cooling shadow across the whole house. There was one car in the driveway. A dark green 67' Bronco, without a top. Clint took a deep breath. Frank looked over at him, "are you going to go?"

Clint slowly nodded and wiped his sweaty palms on his cords. Opening the door, he got out. Out of his pocket he pulled an envelope. He had scribbled her name across it. It was 3 front row tickets and backstage passes. Taking a deep breath, he walked across the lawn to the front door. He went to ring the doorbell but paused. What was he going to do when she answered? What was he going to say? Biting on his lower lip, he pushed the button. He heard it ring through the house. He waited a second. No answer. Ringing it again, he could feel his heartbeat quicken. Now answer again. Where are they?, he thought. He looked around and say the mailbox beside the door. Sticking the envelope so it was hanging out, he shut the lid and headed back for the car. Please come Kylie, he thought as he silently climbed into the car.

Kylie rolled of her bed and hit the ground with a loud ‘thump'.

"Ow," she moaned, rolling onto her side. She opened her eyes and looked around,"was that the doorbell?"

Sitting up, she saw the contents of her box spread out on her bed. Pushing herself up, she stumbled to the door. She poked her head out and glanced both ways down the hallway.

"Doby, where are you boy?," she asked calling for her Doberman, Doby. She walked out of her room and headed down the hallway to the foyer. Doby sat in front of the door, his tongue hanging out his mouth and his small tail waging a mile a minute, "that's odd."

Doby was a nice dog, but barked all the time when the doorbell rang. The only time he never barked was when it was her, her mother, father, Marcus her brother, or Clint.

"No way," she muttered, throwing open the door. Nothing. She sighed, "stop dreaming Kylie."

Laughing at herself, she turned to walk back in. Something caught her eye and she froze. Turning her head to the side, she saw an envelope sticking out of the mailbox. Her name was scrawled across in a familiar handwriting.

"Oh my God," she mumbled, She felt her back hit the other wall in the doorjam. Her hand rested on her forehead and she stared at the envelope until it blurred. Could this be happening?, she thought. She slowly outstretched her hand and took the envelope. She looked at it again, and she began to feel warm tears in her eyes. She opened it up and three tickets and backstage passes fell out.

"Oh my God!!!," she exclaimed. A note slowly fell to the ground. Kylie caught it and unfolded it. Written in the same handwriting, she anxiously read it:


I don't know where we really stand, if we are still standing. I miss you a lot Kylie. I wish you had written me, or called. I guess you know that we are doing a concert in Union Square. I hope you will come. I put 3 tickets and passes in there. I figured your mom could come and one of your friends too. Say hi to everyone for me. I miss you.


P.S.- I bet you that you won't come :o)

All Kylie could do was smile through her tears. Clint had never been one for words, but he knew what was right to say. Kylie bent over and picked up the tickets and passes. Taping them against her palm, a smile spread across her face.

"Bet me, huh? Alright punk, I'll be there."