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Me and My Vette

Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you like it. To my sadness, she was totaled in July 2000. I now have another 82 CE and will leave the address for her page as soon as I get the time to finish it.

I'm pictured here with my 82 Collector Edition. (btw, i've lost 35 lbs since these shots!) Custom paint, Black-purple pearl--named it Vixin of course! The cosmetic resto. (all new interior--way too many parts to list!) took about 4 months and has not stopped yet. She was stripped of all parts to do the paint and interior properly. The nose and tail were replaced with FlexGold pieces. All glass was removed. New windshield installed. The resto. uncovered one unique piece out of the dark crevises of the dash: a parking permit from Florida, dated 1982. Also of interest was the date on the inner portion of the seatback: March, 1982 in yellow crayon/marker from the factory.

 Special Thanks & My Fav Vette Sites
To my x, Chuck, who helped find/get parts from GM dealers all over the country, and who continues to teach me the technical side so I can do some work myself. To Victor Vance of Pacific Concourse for keeping her body in great condition with touch ups, body work and paint. (stress cracks, rock chips, etc.) Kelly, Keith and Robin for doing this webpage for me. I wouldn't have this beauty and be able to show her off online if not for all of them!

If you're ever surfing with nothing to do, and you love Vettes, check out:

These are all awesome places to chat, share vette info of all types, and hassle each other a little bit! LOL :)

 We took our first "shakedown" run to Pomona in January 1999. It was very cold and windy, but we both enjoyed it. The photo on page 2 is our first show. She won "Best Corvette"! Pages 3-6 (two pics on page 4 were taken in front of a friends house.) were taken here in Ventura at the oil piers (they have since been removed) a popular surfing spot. Page 7 of photos is at Corvette Fest West. It was a two day event held in mid August. Awards of Excellence were given to 50 Vettes. 25 on Saturday, 25 on Sunday. There were tons of Vettes in competition. My Vette and I won on Saturday! It was funny because you had to go up on stage and tell the host, and all the people, about you and your Vette. I had a dark purple Bowtie painted on my cheek bone! Man, was that hard to keep looking good for 3 days! lol Of course they mentioned that! It was a real blast! A week of hard work to get her ready, but was it worth it! I met some real cool folks who I've since seen at shows and around So Cal. Page 8 are shots from the "Cruise of the Century". Met the cruise in Yuma, AZ and drove to Dog Beach in San Diego. It was a gorgeous site to see all the Vettes winding through the mountains.

 About me
I'm a native of Ventura. (The typical So. Cal. blond with a showy Vette! LOL ) My family has lived here since the early 1900's. I dig it here because of all the fun things to do, bitchin weather pretty much year round. Yea, it does get cold here in winter! The spring, summer and fall are great times to go for cruises topless. We have the snow, LA, Santa Barbara, Malibu, the desert and mountains, many local cool spots and lots of race tracks for all types of racing, all within 70-100 miles of Ventura.

I enjoy Vette and other car events, (I'm a member of Red Line Corvettes--Ventura County) drag racing (pro or bracket), good times with great friends, animals, racing, reading about Vettes, and football. Meeting new people, especially if they are into Vettes, is cool too. Save The Wave!