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These are some friends I have met on the net

some of them crazy, some crazier yet...

One thing in common that all of them share:

My life is much richer for having them there.

So come, let me tell you

'bout them & their traits

(the friends that I chat with,

some early, some late)

Check out the star next to each name;

there are links to friend's sites on some of them.

Amola  visit Amola's little piece of the world

Talk about a whirlwind life! This year

she quit smoking, got engaged, moved to a new home,

bought two new cars, and got


WOW!! I'm exhausted just typing all that!!


My wonderful daughter in law is a real

treasure. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

She's vivacious, funny and man can she sing.

When we get together to cook & have a few

Coronas .....who KNOWS what will happen!!! lol


Some of us know her as her other name...........

(seems a lot of my friends have alter egos.....hmmmmmm)

She's always there to listen & offer words

of comfort & encouragement.....Oh!!

Did I mention she likes to flirt, too??

Brother Dan Fukingruvin Volks Page

A true free spirit................Dan is a gentle soul

in a harsh world; he is an eternal optimist,

and a wonderful friend.

BillyBob to CyberHokie's Universe

A.K.A. about a

crazy man!! BB has so many alter egos!! No one

could possibly keep track of them all!!

But his warm personality always

shines through.....


A writer & friend...........You will see some

of his work displayed on my pages.

Find out more about him there.


Another multi-faceted friend, with a new name

to go with each one . He's sly,

silly, sarcastic, caustic & cynical...

and a wise man ( .

Hey....we all have our moments : )

Gra G'Day Mate!

What a character!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a truly unique soul. He makes me see things

with a fresh perspective. His childlike abandon

& exuberance is contagious & delightful. Time with

him is always an experience..............: )


A straight shooter.......Hip is quite a woman.

She's honest & forthright, and can tease with

the best of 'em. But watch out! She may know you

better than you know yourself!!

Hot visit Hot's Quiet Place virtual twin. What can I say about her??

We are so much alike (of course she is the BAD twin).

I can't imagine how I made it through all

those years without her! She is my inspiration

to start building my own site.

(so blame her if ya hate


Actually not a kid at all! Welllll..........maybe

at heart.........:) He's a sweetie...always ready

to lend an ear.....or talk one

His musical tastes are ummmmm diverse,

to say the least......


Here is a gentleman; softspoken &

considerate, always ready to offer words

of advice or a shoulder to cry on.

But he has another side, too.........*wink*


Yes, Lucifer..............aka Satan.....the devil himself

is a friend of mine.Fortunately for me, he is a patient

little devil, too; he's been sitting there in that chair

for what seems like months

It sure is handy to have him nearby for web page help.

PandaBear visit Panda's Playpen

Lucifer's she deals with him on a daily

basis is a miracle. That must be why she bites occassionally.

She's always ready to play, but is there to lend

a hand with webpage help whenever I ask.

Pep Do you dare to visit Pep's Outhouse?

Let's see........ is there room here to do him justice???

I think not. lol This is definitely a one-of-a-kind guy.

I think he's in trouble even more than the devil himself, and he

always has a very different view of the world around us.


A dear friend who challenges me daily to be my best.

His teasing & taunting reminds me there is an

intelligent world out there......

and that I just might have a contribution to make.

Shan Shan's Place

My buddy Shanny Wanny.............This woman can ALWAYS

make me laugh, no matter how miserable I am. She just won't

let up until I am rolling on the floor in tears of laughter.

She just decided one day to build a web page.........

and what a site she has built!!!! She's

another one you can blame for anything you don't like here.

Tulsa Tulsa's Homepage

Rowdy, raunchy..........always ready for fun; that's the

way most would describe T. But there's also the sweet,

caring friend who will go the distance for you.

(she's gonna kill me for that)



There are so many more..................I have met lots of good people here.....

TexGal & shadow, pb,the Dynamic Duo (ANGEL & Cowboy)

Mr V, miso,Paladin, Pandora, Peach, Wrangler, Katia, sfla, Chat Girl,

tommy, okiebug, Paul , paul....,Lovely Lady & Sugah Daddy, Oahu & CLive,

Juli , krystyne,SANTA, dennis and and.....I know I must be leaving someone out...

if it's you I'm sorry...........please forgive me...and tell


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