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Tip-A-King 2001 

Stumpelgirl and I got in the Ziggy Palffy, Lubomir Visnovsky and Jozef Stumpel line first since we knew that would be the longest line all day with the exception of LUUUUUC's line.  We waited a good 50 minutes in line before we got up to the table, but it was worth the wait.  I snapped a quick pic of Jozef signing a puck as we made our way through the line.

Finally at the front of the line.  My partner in crime for the day (Stumpelgirl) had made a collage of all sorts of Jozef Stumpel pictures from personal snap shots, Kings programs, and trading cards.  Ziggy Palffy and Lubomir Visnovsky look on as Jozef autographs her collage.

That's me at the Palffy/Visnovsky/Stumpel table with Stumpelgirl.  I think that Ziggy and Lubomir had a good laugh at the Stumpel collage because whatever they said to Jozef, made him blush.  Not that I would be able to understand what they were saying, but it sure was funny watching them pick on Stumpel.

Ladypuck posing for a picture with Mathieu Schneider, Kelly Buchberger and Philippe Boucher.

Stumpelgirl's turn to pose with Mathieu, Kelly and Philippe.  While we were standing in line for this table, Stumpelgirl calls her sister (who is Philippe's number 1 fan) who is away at college.  She knew where we were and said she did not want to talk to Philippe on the phone.  As soon as Stumpelgirl got to the table, she handed her cell phone to Philippe, explained who was on the phone and Philippe talked to his number one fan for a couple of minutes.  The whole exchange made everyone laugh including Mathieu and Kelly.

Stumpelgirl and Ladypuck at the "Finish" table ... (left to right) ... Aki Berg, Stumpelgirl, Jere Karalahti, Marko Tuomainen and Ladypuck. 

That's as close as I got to the Luc Robitaille/Eric Belanger table.  I was standing in the Adam Deadmarsh, Aaron Miller and Steve Kelly line while taking this photo.

Finally at the front of the Deadmarsh, Miller and Kelly line.  Stumpelgirl and I decided to take our photos separately because we both wanted to stand next to Deaders :-)

Stumpelgirl's turn to stand next to Deaders :-)

I just don't know what possessed me to throw my arms around Bryan Smolinski ... hmmm ... maybe because the night before he shot a puck at the Kingsgirls during warm-ups ... I wonder .... 

Stumpelgirl with Scott Thomas and Bryan Smolinski.

Stephane Fiset, Stumpelgirl and Jamie Storr.

Ladypuck's turn to stand in between Fiset and Storr.

At the front of one of the more popular lines ... Mattias Norstrom, Stumpelgirl, Ladypuck and Ian Laperriere.

Ladypuck posing with Jaroslav Modry, Stu Grimson and Craig Johnson.


Last table of the evening ... Nelson Emerson, Stumpelgirl and Glen Murray.

My turn to pose with Nelly and Muzz.

My acquisition of Tip-A-King 2001 ... a signed Kings fan parking only sign for my office.  If you can guess all the signatures ... you get a cookie!  If you can't guess ... here we go ... starting at top left hand corner and working up to the right corner ...

Steve Kelly #11
Jozef Stumpel #15
Mattias Norstrom #14
Philippe Boucher #43
Craig Johnson #23
Ziggy Palffy #33
Glen Murray #27
Ian Laperriere #22
Marko Tuomainen #12
Aaron Miller #3
Jamie Storr #1
Bryan Smolinski #21
Stu Grimson #32
Kelly Buchberger #9
Lubomir Visnovsky #17
Jere Karalahti #8
Jaroslav Modry #44
Mathieu Schneider #10
Nelson Emerson #7
Aki Berg #5
Adam Deadmarsh #28
Stephane Fiset #35
Scott Thomas #51

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Updated 25 June 2002