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Kings Practices @ Healthsouth Training Center 

Out front of Healthsouth, the LA Kings training facility in El Segundo.

Adam Deadmarsh signs my "Deadmarsh 28" jersey while Amy takes the photo.

That's me posing with LA Kings left wing and 2002 Olympic silver medalist, Adam Deadmarsh.

Ian Laperierre posing with Dar's niece, Brittani.

Casey (Darlene's niece) posing with Andreas.

My friend Jamie (El Grit Zaz) posing with Andreas Lilja.  Btw, he is from Sweden, Sweden.

My turn to have a pic with Andreas.

That's my pal and webpage contributing photographer, Amy, posing with Bryan Smolinski.

Bryan Smolinski signing an autograph for my pal Gina. 

Bryan Smolinski signing some autographs in the parking lot.  Notice the "Park At Your Own Risk" sign.  Is that for the players or the fans?????

That's me posing with Bryan Smolinski after a practice during All-Star weekend.

Kings captain, Mattias Norstrom, posing with my pal Dar who is sporting a jersey imported all the way from Sweden.

Eric Belanger signs an autograph for Julie.

Eric Belanger posing with me after practice.

Philippe Boucher (who is now signed with Dallas) posing with me.

Mathieu Schneider posing with me after practice.

That's me posing with LA Kings defenseman and 2002 Olympic silver medalist, Aaron Miller.

Defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky taking the ice for practice. 

Lubomir Visnovsky stops to sign autographs after practice.


Lubomir Visnovsky stops to pose for a picture with me after signing my "Kings of the World" poster.

Ziggy Palffy on the ice for practice.

Ziggy Palffy taking a shot on goal.

Ziggy Palffy stretching on the ice in front of where I am standing.  Can you say show off??? 

Ziggy Palffy signing my "Palffy 33" 2002 All-Star jersey.  He was just a little sleepy, tired that morning, but somehow I managed to get a smile from him when I asked him to personalize my jersey. 

Ziggy Palffy posing with me after practice and if you were wondering ... he was the one pulling me close to him, not me getting close to him.  Either way ... I don't know what I was doing the next 33 minutes.  I had the "crew" pretty worried.

Miscellaneous fan photos from games at Staples Center ... 

Stef and Donna at the Kings/Blues game on 06 December 2001.  We're trying to get on the "tron" to no avail.

The "Kingsgirls" in the event suite for the Kings/Islanders game 19 January 2002.
(Left to right:  Amy, Donna, Izwayne, Stef, Fuzzy and Dar.)

That's me sitting next to Izwayne in the event suite.

My pals Amy and Dar in "our spots" at the glass for Kings warmups at Staples Center.

Section 320 was rocking against the Kings/Sharks game on 23 March 2002 in which the Kings won 3-0.  Those happy fans are Jamie, Stef and Dustin.

That's me with my other half at the top of section 320 after the Kings defeated the Edmonton Oilers 4-3 in overtime.  Did I mention that it was Ziggy Palffy who netted the game winner 28 seconds into overtime?

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Photos courtesy of Amy and Donna 2001-2002
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9 July 2002