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Valentine's Day 1999 with the Los Angeles Kings

#20 "Lucky" Luc Robitaille was kind enough to pose with me prior to morning practice. I felt like the "luc-kiest" Kings fan at Iceoplex that morning.

#15 Jozef Stumpel and his #1 fan (yaknow).

#43 Philippe Boucher puts his arm around his devoted fan.

I didn't manage to get a photo with #6 Sean O'Donnell and his #1 fan, but #10 Donald Audette filled in.

Situation I have have a pic of OD with his biggest fan. Thanx to Ms. Hockey-A-Holic :-)

#19 Russ Courtnall shares a moment with one of his biggest fans after practice.

#17 Matt Johnson and his #1 fan Dez. Courtesy of "Desiree's World"...thanks Dez.

I look pretty short standing next to Finnish export #12 Olli Jokinen. Olli actually managed to crack a smile when I delivered a message to him wishing him well in Los Angeles from his fans in Finland :-)

Other miscellaneous Fan Fotos

This photo was taken on 13 December 1997 during the Kings/Capitals game at the Great Western Forum in between periods. Notice the puck that I am holding...Luc Robitaille tossed it to me over the glass at the end of warm-ups thanks to Stef and Jamie!!!

Luc at the unveiling of the "new" Kings uniforms at Universal Studios 20 June 1998. Thanks to my pals who were in the very front taking pictures :-)

Until I dedicate a page to Luc....this will have to do :-)

Since the Kings did not make the playoffs last season, I held a pizza party titled "Duck Roast 99" to celebrate the fact the Ducks were knocked out of the playoffs. Here are the Duck Roasters the next morning having breakfast. Just remember a Ducks loss is just as good as a KINGS win!!!

Here is a picture from the LA Times NHL Preview Section. Left to right...
Teemu Selanne, Oleg Tverdosky, Pavel Trinka, Bryan Smolinski, Jozef Stumpel, Luc Robitaille

What an exciting victory over Pittsburgh on 28 October. Sean O'Donnell, Luc Robitaille, Ziggy Palffy and Jozef Stumpel after Luc Robitaille's goal to give the Kings the lead for the first time in the game.

As promised a picture of Jozef Stumpel on the page for a certain Stumpel fan....yaknow.

Jozef Stumpel posing with Stef after a game at the Forum

Another Stumpel pic...this one with Stumpelgirl at Training Camp in September 1998.

Stumpelgirl was fortunate enough to talk Jozef Stumpel into giving her one of his game haki sticks at a Kings practice. She also talked him into personalizing it for her.

Stumpelgirl showing her enthusiam for her autographed Stumpel Stick ... try saying that 5 times real fast.

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