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Frozen Fury 5

Photos from 2001 pre-season games against the Ducks at Staples Center and Frozen Fury 5 against the San Jose Sharks.

Ziggy Palffy during warmups at the first pre-season game against the Ducks also known as the "Aflac game" on 9/18/01.

Ziggy Palffy again  on 9/18/01.

Philippe Boucher during warmups at the Ducks game - 9/18/01.

One of the game posters displayed around the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

That's me posing with "my boy" ... uh ... the Frozen Fury 5 poster near the elevators at the MGM.

Felix "The Cat" Potvin signing a few autographs on his way into the game.

Ziggy Palffy stops to sign autographs; that's after I got him to stop :-)

Mattias Norstrom stops to sign autographs.

Kings coach, Andy Murray, was very gracious about signing autographs and posing for pictures. 

Bryan Smolinski stopped for a couple of pictures, signed my green puck and whatever Amy put in front of him to sign.  As always, Bryan was very nice and a jokester.

Picture #2 with Bryan.

Bryan stopping to sign a couple of jerseys for some young fans.

Aaron Miller stopping to sign some autographs.

Jared Aulin was a little surprised that we recognized him and wanted his autograph and picture.

Andreas Lilja walking in.

Andreas Lilja signing a jersey.

Andreas Lilja posing with me for a photo.

That's me talking to Philippe Boucher after he signed a picture for me.

The boys coming out on the ice for warmups.

Some of the Kings warming up are: Ian Laperierre, Bryan Smolinski, Aaron Miller and Ziggy Palffy.

Taking shots on Felix Potvin: Aaron Miller, Randy Robitaille, Yanic Lehoux, Jozef Stumpel, Lubomir Visnovsky, Ziggy Palffy and Glen Murray.

Patriotism in "sin city".

Felix Potvin coming out of the crease during a stoppage in play.

Waiting for the puck to drop are Felix Potvin, Mattias Norstrom, Glen Murray, Craig Johnson, Bryan Smolinski and Aaron Miller.

On the faceoff are Glen Murray, Bryan Smolinski and Jason Holland.

The "" section proudly holding the American flag.

The Kings break a 3-3 tie with 6 seconds left in the game to win 4-3.

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Created 05 July 2002 -- photos courtesy of Donna and Amy 2001