SuRvEy AbOuT K1
I surveyed some people from my school and the number in brackets means how many people voted for that one:
1. What word describes me?:
-One of a kind(1)
-Brave warrior(1)
2. What is my future job?
-Telephone operator(1)
-Something to do with a hospital (1)
3. Will I get married? -Definately(1)
-I hope so(1)
4. How many kids will I have?
-Twin girls(1)
5. Where will I live?
-In the country(1)
6. What colour is my hair?
-Copper blond(2)
-Strawberry blond(2)
-Reddish brown(2)
-Between copper blond and strawberry blond(1)
7. What colour are my eyes?
8. What TV show should I be on?
-Dragon Ball Z(3)
-Powerpuff Girls(1)
-Two Guys And A Girl(1)
-Full House(1)
-King of the Hill(1)
-That 70's Show(1)
-3rd Rock From The Sun(1)
-"I'm Obsessed With Guys"(1)
-The Drew Carey Show(1)
9. What is my best sport?
-Ping pong(1)
10. What animal am I most like?
-Good smelling skunk(2)
-Cheetah or monkey(1)
11. Describe me to someone else:
-She's nice, interesting. She has blue eyes.
-Fun to be around, intelligent, smart, confidence booster, pretty, funny, not easily embarrassed.
-Nice, smart, obsessed with guys, style'n, classy, etc.
-Loves Tristan, nutty, happy, ineluctable.
-Cool, good friend, nice.
-Nice, funny, nice sense of humour, good friend.
-Nice person, but very suspicious. Very smart.
12. What is my bad habit?
-Liking guys(1)
-Playing with my hair(1)
-My look when I get upset that looks like I'm about to kill someone(1)
-Scaring people(1)
13. Describe my dream guy:
-Nice not shy, hot monkey, smart, blue eyes.
-Short spiked blond/brown hair, kind of chubby, bluish green eyes, sort of tall, loving, smart, intelligent.
-Just as crazy as me, hot, good tan, good body, wears beaters like all the time, sweet.
-Blue eyes, chubby, cute, smart, funny.
14. Celebrity I'm most like?
-Jennifer Lopez(4)
-Weird Al(2)
-Jim Carrey(1)
-Claire Danes(1)
-Tina Turner(1)
-Drew Carey(1)
-Eddie Murphy(1)
15. Cartoon character I'm most like?
-Chi-Chi on Dragon Ball Z(3)
-Misty on Pokemon(2)
-Bobby Hill on King of the Hill(1)
-Kevin Spencer(1)
-Elmer Fudd(1)
-Homer Simpson(1)
16. Degrassi High character I'm most like?
17. Breaker High character I'm most like?
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