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I would just like to let you know these opinions are my own! Okay. Well, lots of people start smoking not knowing what they are getting themselves into. And there are chemicals in cigarettes that can make you sick or you can even die. A friend and I made my mom stop smoking and she did. She hasn't smoked for two years and she is just great. When people smoke they are also harming the people around them. Some people don't like having people smoke around them. In grade six, I belonged to KATS. That stands for Kids Against Tobacco Smoke. We went to every class in my elementary school doing skits and things like that. We talked about the dangers of smoking. We even did surveys for the high school. Now if this had any effect to prevent people from smoking, who knows. But I know just at my school looking at the high school smoking section at all the smokers almost makes me sick. Peer pressure is one thing, but I've had peer pressure and I just left. The correct thing is not to do something you don't WANT to do. Also, would you pressure your friends into something they don't want to do? I wouldn't. Anyways, that's enough of me going on. Feel free to post something about smoking on the message board.