Ratings of Some of the CDs I Own
I hope no one is offended by these ratings. They are only my opinion!

The Very Best of Village People-*
The John Lennon Collection-*
Muchdance 1999-*
Planet Pop 2000-*
“(What’s The Story)Morning Glory?”-Oasis-*
“Up”-Great Big Sea-*
Back To The 70’s-**
Big Shiny Tunes 3-*
Ricky Martin-*
Big Shiny Tunes 2-***
“Homework”-Daft Punk-****
Big Shiny Tunes 4-*****
“Smash”-The Offspring-***
“Vol.2...Hard Knock Life”-JAY-Z-*****
“Americana”-The Offspring-**
”Hello Nasty”-Beastie Boys-****
“Travelling Without Moving”-Jamiroquai-****
Forrest Gump soundtrack-*****
Family Values Tour '98-*****
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