Some Canadian History
1789-Alexander Mackenzie journeys to the Beaufort Sea, following what would later be named the Mackenzie River.
1793-Alexander Mackenzie reaches the Pacific.
1808-Simon Fraser, a North West Company employee, travels the river named after him to the Pacific.
1857-Ottawa is named Canada’s capital by Queen Victoria
1873-Alexander Mackenzie becomes Canada’s second prime minister.
1905-The provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan were formed.
1909-University of Toronto wins first Grey Cup football match.
1910-Sir Wilfrid Laurier creates a Canadian navy.
1915-Canadians face German gas attack at Ypres, Belgium (April 22). John McCrae writes “In Flanders Fields”.
1917-Income tax is introduced as a “temporary wartime measure”. Canadians capture Vimy Ridge, France (April 9-12). The Halifax Explosion takes place on December 6 killing 2,000 and injuring 9,000.
1929-The Great Depression begins.
1933-One in five Canadians is unemployed.
1934-The Bank of Canada is formed. The Dionne quintuplets are born in Callander, Ontario.
1950-The Korean War begins (June 25); Canadian troops participate in the conflict as part of a United Nations force.
1964-Canadians get social insurance cards.
1965-Canada gets a new flag on February 15.
1969-Saturday postal deliveries end. English and French become official languages. The breathalizer comes into use as a test for alcohol-impaired drivers on December 1.
1975-The CN Tower in Toronto is completed.
1976-Death penalty is abolished.
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