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*My Net Friends Page*
Name: Gabe
Birthdate: June 2, 1976
Country: United States of America
Favourite music: none
Favourite actor/actress: none
Favourite food: fish
Favourite season: I like all the seasons
Name:I prefer to be unnamed
Age:I'm older than the sun, moon, and stars
Favourite Actor:Pierce Brosnan
Favourite Actress: Claire Danes
Favourite Food: Lobster
Music: Everything except for prefabricated pop Backstreet crap
Favourite Season: summer
Name: Amber
Country: United States of America
Birthdate:August 9th 1983
Favourite Music:Goth Rock
Favourite Actor/Actress: don't watch TV or movies
Favourite Food: Cherries
Favourite Season: winter
Name: Kiowa
Country: United States of America
Favourite Food: tacos
Favourite Music: hip hop
Favourite Actor: Chris Rock
Favourite Actress: Jennifer Lopez
Favourite Food: tacos
Favourite Season: fall
Name: Chad
Birthday: Valentine's Day, 1978
Country: Canada
Favourite Music: Thrash metal, speed metal, death metal, doom metal, black metal, Gothic metal, etc...
Favourite Actor: Samuel L. Jackson
Favourite Actress: Jennifer Lopez
Favourite Food: Italian, Chinese, Acadian
Favourite Season: Summer and winter
Name: Lesley
Country: Canada
Favourite Music: all but heavy metal
Favourite Actor: Matt Damon
Favourite Actress: Claire Danes
Favourite Food: pizza
Favourite Season: fall
Name: Manda
Birthdate: October 7th, 1979
Country: Canada
Favourite Music: anything extreme
Favourite Actor: any of the Boldwin brothers
Favourite Actress: that chick from "Natural Born Killers"
Favourite Food: Nestle Quick cereal
Favourite Season: fall/winter
My friends on this page are in no specific order. I go far back with all these fine folks you call friends, but I've known Kiowa the longest. We go waaay back! Now all these people are great and wonderful and they all deserve a pat on the back and royal treatment or else they would not be on this friends page of mine, would they? No they wouldn't. Now, if you're a friend of mine and wondering why you aren't here, it could be that I have put this off for awhile and am just getting to it now. Now, if you'd like to be on here just tell me next time you see me! Okay? Great!