Ur so.....jokes
Ur so.....jokes

Your so stupid you even failed recess

Your armpits smell so bad your teacher gave u an A+ for not rasing your hand

Your so fat your blood type is Ragu

Your so fat when u cut your self u bleed gravey

Your so stinky your dentist has to give himself gas

Your breath is so stinky even the phone operator has to hold his/her nose

Your clothes are so ugly that the only thing uglier is the person wearing it

Your neck is so dirty your momma thought u were wearin a turtle neck

You have so much lint in your navel your grandma sew a sweater

Your so stupid u went to a drive in movie to see CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Your so ugly the only dates u can get are with the calender

Your nose hairs are so long you have a built in carwash for your micro machines

Your so bald flies use your head for a run way

Your sister is so stupid when she drove u to the airport it said AIRPORT LEFT she turned around and went home

Your so fat u have more chins that a chinese phonebook

Your so ugly when u were born the doctor slapped EVERYBODY!

Your so ugly your parents rented your baby videos as horror movies

Your so ugly when u were born the doc said throw this shit away the babys commin soon!

Your so ugly your parents got a ticket for littering

Your aim is so bad is that u threw a rock at the ground and missed

Your aim is so bad u threw a rock in the air and missed

Your so poor I asked you why you were kicking a can down the road you said moving

Your so short when u sit on the floor your feet dangle

Your so ugly u had 2 trick or treat over the phone

Your so skinny u have to use dential floss for toilet paper