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Head Explody

Umm....I would just like to say, that people suck lately. I don't know why, but I've lost a lot of friends recently for no reason. But aside from that...hi!!! I've updated some of the page, so look around with awe. I changed things in the "my artwork" section, and updated the news!!! YES! I updated the news!!! I don't know why, but people say I'm crazy, because I'm so fucking hyper. I just got 3 new pictures of Jhonen!!! YEAH! So me happy. I must rejret that I'm failing math. BUT....who cares. So enjoy my page, I should be putting some new pictures up, as soon as I get off my lazy ass and zerox some pictures to scan them in my computer. Okay? So that will happen in a day or two. Otherwise drool over what I have here so far. Goodnight DAD! Anyway...Pepito, son of satan, COMMANDS YOU to go to the rest of my page! (do it for the children!)

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