This is a web page about the films of film producer/director Jerry Warren.

Jerry Warren(1925-1988) was an incredible hack filmmaker who made bad campy movies and butchered mexican movies to release in the United States. It is said that he started in the film business as an actor and became a producer after realizing that they were the ones who made the most money in the picture business. Warren said once that he cut up the mexican movies he imported because many low budget mexican films filled up screen time with lots of talking. Later on when he went to sell these films to TV some of them were too short. So he add new scenes to them. These were scenes of people talking to fill up screen time.

The films of Jerry Warren include:

THE MAN BEAST(1955) Jerry Warren's first film. It's a B level action movie about mountain climbers who encounter a yeti on a mountain climbing trip. A highlight is a scene where Warren tries to make one man in an white ape suit look like a group of attacking monsters. The editing effect fails and it the scene looks very chopping and confusing. Warren needed a shot of a mountain village for his movie so he sneaked himself and some actors onto the backlot of a movie studio. They shot the scene and snuck out again and clip the shot into the movie. This B level film would be the best movie Warren ever made. They all pretty much go down hill from here.

Directed by Jerry Warren.

TEENAGE ZOMBIES(1958) This is one of the movies that Warren is famous for. It is about a group of teenagers who come across a mad female scientist. Warren claimed that one of the King Brothers (The makers of GORGO) fell to the floor laughing after hearing how little Warren spent to make it.

Produced and directed by Jerry Warren. With Don Sullivan, Katherine Victor, Steve Conte.

THE INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD(Made in 1958-Released in 1960) John Carradine appears in this movie. It's about a diving bell that ends up in some caves at the bottom of the ocean. A monster was to appear in the film but the suit strank and Warren had to forget the monster part of the plot.

Also appearing in the film is Phyllis Coates who is best remember for playing Lois Lane on THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN TV show. She was an ex girlfriend of Warren who worked for free to help him out. She regreted working on the film later on when she lost out on a part in a better movie because the studio people saw Warren's film.

Robert Clarke who also appears in the movie was the star of THE MAN FROM PLANET X and THE ASTOUNDING SHE MONSTER. He later produced the weird B classic THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON. Clarke has said in interviews that Warren would have whatever actor wasn't appearing in the scene to hold the sound boom. He also stated that Warren put them up in a cheap motel and gave them hamburgers to eat for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Warren to save more money edited the movie in his own livingroom.

Produced and directed by Jerry Warren. With John Carradine,Phyllis Coates, Robert Clarke.

THE FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF(1959) This was a horror comedy with the famous mexican comic Tin Tan. It was entitled LA CASA DEL TERROR in Mexico. Warren cut out most of Tin Tan's part and turned the movie into a stright horror film about a mummy that is brought to life and turn out to be the mummy of a werewolf. Lon Chaney Jr. gets to do rip offs of two of the monsters that made him a star in the 40's.

Because so much of the orginial was cut out Warren created a subplot about a mummy like creature found in the aztec tomb with Chaney's mummy. This footage was taken from ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY. This was Warren's re edited version of the movie LA MOMIA AZTECA (THE AZTEC MUMMY) This second mummy creature is killed by a car which was the same ending Warren had used in ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY.

American footage directed by Jerry Warren. With Lon Chaney Jr.

TERROR OF THE BLOOD HUNTERS(1962)In this film an escape prisoner encounters headhunters in the south american jungle.

Directed by Jerry Warren. Written by Warren under the name Jaques Lecotier. With Robert Clarke.

INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE(1962) A Swedish movie (Orginial title was TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN) chopped up by Warren with new scenes added. The film makes very little sense. A group of space aliens land on Earth and then a giant furry monster appears and wander around. The spaceship then leaves and no reason is given for anything that happens. John Carradine appears in the beginning of the film and the lead actress is chased around by a beam of light for no explained reason.

Something Weird Video has released a DVD featuring both TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN in it's orginial Swedish form and Warren's re edited version.

American footage directed by Jerry Warren. With John Carradine.

A BULLET FOR BILLY THE KID(1963)A mexican western. I have little information about this movie. Warren is listed as the producer. The film features Steve Brodie and Lloyd Nelson who both appeared in other Warren films. Most likely they appear in new footage shot by Warren.

ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY(1963) The mexican B classic LA MOMIA AZTECA(1957)(THE AZTEC MUMMY) was chopped up by Warren and was released as this mess. New framing scenes were added by Warren so that all the mexican footage is now a feature long flashback.

Warren would later edit down this feature and use it for a subplot for the movie THE FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF.

American footage Directed by Jerry Warren. With Bruno VeSota.

CURSE OF THE STONE HAND(1964) An Incredible butcher job by Warren. He took two south of the boarder movies and splice them together. Then added scenes with John Carradine that stick out like a sore nose.

A dumb ending is added by Warren which features a group of paintings and a skeleton.

American footage directed by Jerry Warren. With John Carradine.

THE HOUSE OF BLACK DEATH(1965) AKA: BLOOD OF THE MAN DEVIL and NIGHT OF THE BEAST. Warren was called in to save this movie. Harold Daniels the orginial director backed out leaving a pile of footage with Lon Chaney Jr. Warren treated it like the many mexican films he re edited before and added new scenes with John Carradine.

New footage directed by Jerry Warren. With John Carradine and Lon Chaney Jr. Katherine Victor.

CREATURE OF THE WALKING DEAD(1965)(LA MARCA DEL MUERTO(1960) A mexican movie re edited by Warren. It is the story of a doctor who brings his look a like mad scienist grandfather back to life. The mad scienist needs blood to stay alive. Why don't mad scienists go to a blood bank or plasma center like other doctors do?

American footage directed by Jerry Warren.

THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN (aka SHE WAS A HIPPY VAMPIRE)(1966) Warren was surprised when the publishers of BATMAN COMICS sued him over this movie. This was one of Warren's more wacky movies and include scenes clipped in from the movie THE MOLE PEOPLE. By the time the lawsuit was settle the Batman fad was over so Warren switch to the second title and added a scene of young women talking about vampires at the beginning.

Katherine Victor plays the Batwoman and wears a strange funky outfit that suggest an early punk style.

The film was written in a bad comic camp style that was not as funny as Warren hoped. The scenes that were not written for laughs manage to be alot more campy that what was in the screenplay.

Directed, Produced, Written and Edited by Jerry Warren. With Katherine Victor as Batwoman, Steve Brodie and Bruno VeSota.

FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND(1981)Warren's last movie. This one was so silly that Warren recut it for video to remove some of the embarassing footage. John Carradine appears as the ghost of Dr. Frankenstein. He comes off looking and sounding a lot like Bela Lugosi in Edward D. Wood's movie GLEN OR GLENDA. Also on the island is a group of pale white native girls in matching bikini type suits and zombies in matching black clothes. The Frankenstein monster shows up toward the end of the film and ends up looking silly.

Directed by Jerry Warren. Written by Warren under the name Jaques Lecouter. With John Carradine, Robert Clark, Steve Brodie, Katherine Victor.

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