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old news
  • 07.02.00 sorry for the lack of updates! "palo alto" is doing a short stint of touring with "stone temple pilots," playing most shows except festivals.
  • 03.13.00 "palo alto" will not be playing at sxsw. check them out at the viper room on wednesdays. pictures from the roxy show will be up in the next couple of weeks.
  • 01.30.00 "palo alto" will play "the viper room" in l.a. on wednesdays in february, then in a club in madrid, spain for 2 weeks, and at SxSW music festival in austin, TX with "stone temple pilots"! the big surprise at saturday's roxy show was seeing familiar faces in "soul central station".
  • 01.09.00 "palo alto" will be playing shows regularly at viper room and the mint in l.a. throughout january. they will be playing at the roxy on january 29 (i'll be there!). see for details.
  • 10.10.99 "palo alto" might be joining the spring 2000 "stone temple pilots" tour
  • 10.08.99 "james grundler live @ the joint" cd will be on sale october 12 at
  • 09.28.99 james' new band, "palo alto", has secured a record contract with American Recordings (Sony) and is working with producer Rick Rubin.
  • 08.23.99 there will be an awesome 7-song EP and live CD available for purchase very soon...check back for the latest!
  • 08.11.99 james' new cd is finished!
  • 07.23.99 i've been busy. james has been in progress. meanwhile, check out song clip at elephant house studios where james has been recording.
  • 06.23.99 updated show dates. see for live video.
  • 06.01.99 check out 05.27 article in ucla daily bruin
  • 05.30.99 this new home page was inspired by the song 'denver' running through my head when i woke up this morning
  • 05.28.99 james is working on a solo ep due out soon; new june luna park show dates added
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