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Two Years Ago Today

Two years. It seems impossible to me now, that it has been so long, yet at the same time, so short. I am looking out my window thinking about how I have changed in these two years and the experiances I have had, both positive and negative, that have changed me. It saddens my heart, as it always has, at what these 15 people are missing now. And what we as a community are missing because they are gone. How could they have changed the world other than by their deaths? I doubt that anyone reading this page could honestly say that the Columbine High School shootings haven't changed them in some way. I wish that the world could have gotten to see what these 15 could have done, had they lived. But I think their deaths were not in vain. I know they weren't for me. Each person whose life is represented on this site has touched me and changed me on a deeper level. Some have inspired me, some have challenged me, and some have broken my heart and given me a passion for the hurting in this world. This is much more of a personal glimpse than I normally allow on this site, trying to keep it as informational as possible but maybe it's time to let more of me shine through. I have poured two years into this site and it has changed along with me. My life will never be the same, having had the experience of running this site and the people it has brought to me. For all of you reading this, I challenge you. Don't harden your heart to what this site, these people, have to say. Let it reach in you and change you. I don't think that you would regret it. I know that I don't.

Remember these 15. Don't let them die again.