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Three Years Ago Today

Three years. The world has changed, become a different place. We are a nation of war and these fifteen people have not lived to see it. How would they have reacted? We will never know. September 11 changed everything. Did anyone take the time to remember today fifteen short lives that have left gaping holes in the lives and memories of all who knew them? I did. If you are reading this, then maybe you did too. Now more than ever we need peace with each other as peace within the world is not available to us. Acceptance and tolerance are the only things that can save us now. That, and a loving God who created us all and loves us individually. This God sees our inner hearts and loves us through it all. Perhaps you are hearing His call through the lives of Rachel Scott or Cassie Bernall. John Tomlin was a devout Christian as well. Let them reach you. Let them impact you and make a difference in you eternally. They believed enough to live and die for this. What do you believe in that much?