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I remember Matthew Kechter

He worked hard for his dreams and reached for the stars.

Matthew was a football player. He was looked up to by his friends because he worked hard and always achieved his goals wether it was an A on an assignment or an athletic goal. He never settled for less than the best he could do. Matt threw himself into every task and challenge that was in front of him and earned his dreams.

Matthew spent a lot of time in the library where he died. He often met friends there to study or chat. He had a positive outlook and a sunny personality that drew people to him. He was modest and didn't flaunt his many accomplishments.

Matt cared deeply about his family and often waited for his younger brother to come home so they could talk about their days. He loved life and I will always find his hard work and dedication inspiring to me as a person.

~ The Matt Kechter Memorial Fund ~

~ c/o PSCCU ~ 7055 E. Evans Ave. ~ Denver, CO 80224 ~