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Five Years Ago Today . . .


20 April, 2004

It has been five years today since the shooting that rocked the world. Five years. So much has happened around the world yet the eyes and hearts of this country still remember a small town in Colorado that was forever changed five years ago today. Today in rememberance a building is empty but then it rang with gunshots and screams. People were running away from their own classmates. Some would not make it to safety.

Five years. What has changed? Now we are a nation at war and every day brings news of people dying in Iraq. And to remember fifteen people who died years ago sometimes seems trivial. But it is not. The lives that faded from sight five years ago today had so much to offer this world still. The miracle of today is that they are still changing this world. People are dreaming in the name of students who never got the chance to see their dreams come true.

The lives of the Columbine fifteen were not lived in vain. They changed the world. I think they changed it for the better. My only wish is that they had not died doing it.

We Remember.