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I remember Eric David Harris

"You cannot judge a sinner by the sin they committed, because if you define them by just that you will never know the person behind it and the reason they did it."

I cannot describe how I felt that day~
When fifteen lives were lead away.
Fifteen lives that are no more~
Fifteen shown to heaven's door.
Broken hearts upon the floor~
Of the library, evermore.
For more than one heart broke that day~
Now the memory is here to stay.
Into school, two boys came~
Their motives a mystery, we know thier names.
Perhaps,in us, these two live still~
These two in pain who chose to kill.
Face your heart, and look inside~
Maybe you can learn from what you find.
For these two boys who haunt me yet~
I see their faces, my eyes are wet.
These fifteen who died, I shall never forget~
Even though we have never met.

copyright 1999, Wendy Bartlett. All rights reserved.

How can I feel for you?

How can I look in your eyes and not hate you?
When I know what you did was wrong.
How can I feel for you?
Someone I have never met.
I see the good in you, I can see the pain.
Could I have helped?
If I said I felt the way you did?
I have felt all your pain and anger,
But I promise it would have gotten better
How can I feel for you?
Is it because you take my breath away?
Your beauty was on the outside, so much pain and rage inside
I can somehow imagine you, sitting next to me in English
Asking me how long my essay is, being a part of your AP video
Would I have died that day, even if I had loved you?
I ask myself that
Would you have accepted me? The way I would accept you?
I know yours and Dylanís lighter sides, do you remember it?
The one that loved their parents, loved animals
The one with so many hopes and dreams
The one that ate scrambled egg pizza, played soccer and made chocolate chip cookies
Then the day came when you were pushed beyond belief
Hurt so badly their rage only fueled yours
What could it have taken to make you stop?
Were you so far gone?
You hated all that feared your uniqueness.
You were not a Nazi or a racist even though they said you were
Hear the laughter growing louder, taste the fear, oh so hard
Remember their angry faces, remember your own blood and tears
The rejection, the pain, the bottles being thrown at you just as the bombs at your own victims
What was going through your mind, my friend when you planned this event?
The day of April 20, 1999 we will never forget
You gave so many signals loud and clear though we chose not to hear
As you laughed at them, the way they laughed at you
Felt there was no God
You saw their blood and tears just as they saw your own
They found you lying among your victims, silent and content
As the country stands in horror, trying to forget
Were the people that died actually cruel to you, or were a few actually friends
That in some surreal moment you forget?
Thirteen victims of a gun, two of society.
A society that lies, one that blames your clothes, music, way of expression.
So many hopes and dreams shattered. We will never know the truth
For any closure vanished with the bullets in your head.
You could have been anything Eric, why did you and Dylan not see it?
Did you fear your father because he thought you weak?
No one should have died that day.
Each life so precious, I feel a connection to all
All shattered because of a gun in a place that should be safe
Your ideas needed better expression
The way you said them and the way you showed them
However, to my Eric, I cannot hate you
Hating you would continue a cycle I would rather see end
Your memory will live on forever in my heart.
How can I feel for you?
After all you have done
Maybe in a way you are like me?
So much in pain and it gets so hard
I pray for the thirteen victims of your rage
In my heart I cannot hate you
So many close-minded people dismiss you as a monster
But I know the truth
I wish for you to be in some better place, I know the other victims are
Please find some sort of peace
The truth is we fear anything as unique and beautiful as you
What makes you and Dylan different from all the other killers out there?
How can I feel for you?
I honestly donít know

I hope that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris rest in peace. I am not condoning what they did by any means, but how can we push kids so far they kill?

copyright 1999. All rights reserved.

We understood you. Even though you never knew, we understood.

Eric Harris went to five different schools in all. His father was in the military and Eric hoped to join the Marine Core after his graduation. He was utterly brilliant. Eric could talk about anything and have a person hanging on every word he said. He was incredibly intellegent and loved Shakespeare.

Eric had a pet dog and when it got sick, that was all he could think about, all he could talk about. He would tell girls how nice they looked and gave his favorite teacher a Christmas present. Up until the day before he died, Eric was talking about the future and the things he wanted to do with his life. Now we will never know what he could have accomplished. These things I have told you about him in time will be forgotten and he will be known only as The Killer Of Columbine High School. But for as long as I live, I will remember the other things he did. It does not cancel out his final actions on Earth, but it does help us all come to know who and what he was a little more.