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I remember Daniel Lee Rohrbough

He was kind, caring and unselfish. He loved and cherished his family as they now love and cherish his memory.

Danny was giving and unselfish. He worked on the family farm every year and in the family buisness after school. Danny died outside of the school and his parents had to endure the heartless media splashing the image of their son's body all over the front page of newspapers nationwide. This is how they learned of their son's fate.

His family was also a group of friends for Danny. He rode to school every morning with his sister and sometimes went out with his grandfather after work.

On the day Danny died, his mother kissed him and told him that she loved him. It was the last time she would ever see her son. I am sure now that she is thankful for the oppertunity to hold him those few minutes.

Daniel was never afraid of hard work and he didn't complain. He saved year-round for Christmas and gave unselfishly of his time and money. I will remember this of him. I will remember his gentle spirit.

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